Growing out of Friendships

Rayven Cann, Sports Editor

As people grow old, so do their passions and their interests. Losing friends will always cause lots of pain, but it is inevitable. Losing friends is devastating, for some it is worse than others.

“During high school I have grown away from a lot of people I used to call best friends. It kind of made me depressed because for most it’s like a ghost of your past.” said senior Vanessa Robles.

As emotions arise, self- conflict also becomes an issue. Students begin to struggle with the comprehension on why their friends have grown away from them. Personally, losing friends allowed me to realize who I really am and what I could become.

On occasion, there are factors and things that lead up to growing apart. Senior Meghan Hughes said, “Well sometimes it’s just how fake a person is so I think the only difference is I know when people are being real more often. I got really irritated, and they were rude when it was unnecessary and would ditch me constantly.“With my closest best friends, we always kind of had a small break whenever they would start dating someone new because instead of focusing on our friendship their relationship seemed more important.” said Robles. Friendships are very important to have, but sometimes when someone gets in a relationship, it sort of drags a friend away.

Although losing friends seems like a tough thing to deal with, sometimes it’s better to have them out of your life. “I told her she was becoming toxic and I couldn’t handle it if she was going to stay that way because she wasn’t hurting me, she was hurting people I was really close with and I couldn’t keep watching it. It was so hard to watch my really close friends that I loved get torn down by her and one day I just snapped.” said Hughes.

If someone has toxic friends, it is okay to let go and allow yourself to grow and be your own person. Toxic friends aren’t healthy to have around, but it is okay to lose friends. At some point, everyone will lose somebody close to them.