Player Profile: Benjamin Taylor


Samantha LaMont, Reporter

With the spring sports coming up, senior Benjamin Taylor is one of the few of Taylorsville Pole Vaulters. Taylor said, “Pole Vault is the art of running down a runway with a pole that’s going to slingshot you into the air.”

This will be Taylor’s fourth year of doing this sport that he loves so much. Taylor said, “There are no special skills needed, but you can’t have any fear. On the other hand, a six-pack would help a little though.”

The Pole Vault season usually begins around the end of February. With the inside practices, Benjamin usually goes to the weight room to keep himself in shape. He does a lot of upper body and bar-work. The official outside practices begins as soon as the weather stops snowing. That’s when they will begin the runway runs and vaulting drills.

Jumping into a sport like this isn’t easy. Taylor said, “Pole vaulting just sounded super dope and I said to myself “Yeah I do Pole Vault” and then I was like yeah that’s cool let me try it. So, the first time trying it I planted the pole and flew all skiwampus in the air and I knew I wanted to actually get good at it. It’s so fun.”

They have outside clubs and gyms made just for Pole Vaulters. Everyone around the state comes to them to sharpen their skills and become their very best. It is a very competitive sport and Taylor is determined to beat his all-time record of 13’6”.  

Taylor recommends this to everyone. Especially the fact that you get to work with Farnes. “He [Farnes] has not only taught me skills for the sport but many great life lessons. He has told me some cold hard truths but it has bettered me in many ways.”