Player Profile: Olivia Ashton


Rayven Cann, Sports Editor

Junior, Olivia Ashton is this year’s starting center for the Taylorsville Women’s Basketball team. Ashton has been playing basketball since her ninth grade year. “I’ve always loved the sport, and a bunch of my family members played it before me, so it’s always been a sport that has connected us,” said Ashton.

Basketball has always had a great impact on Ashton, and not just the sport itself, but the team as well. “ I love when one of my teammates does something awesome, and the whole bench and team are freaking out,” said Ashton.

Ashton is dedicated to her team both on and off of the court. Ashton said, “I don’t really do a lot of stuff outside of school anymore because I am so busy with basketball.”

Ashton’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. “She is one of our team’s best rebounders and inside defenders. […] She’s an asset to our team, and our team needs her hustle and aggressiveness if we want to be successful,” said Head Women’s Basketball Coach Jewkes.

Outside of the team, Ashton also plays for the Taylorsville volleyball team. Ashton is also one of the cellists in the Taylorsville Orchestra. Even off of the court, it isn’t hard to notice Ashton’s involvement with the team, since she is always clad in Basketball gear.

“However, she has shown the most improvement in her defense and confidence level.  She knows her role on the team and contributes in many positive ways in helping our team be competitive. Olivia is the ultimate team player.” said Jewkes.

Olivia is not sure that she will be able to continue basketball throughout her life, but it’s not off of the table. Make sure to look out for Ashton on the court next year.