Football Injuries


Samantha LaMont

Taylorsville Warrior’s team in their game against Copper Hills

George Lettig, Reporter

Football injuries are a big thing for football players especially high school football players. Football players today whether its high school, college, or professional players can get really bad injuries even after there games. Some football players get ACL injuries or there bodies can sometimes be bruised and its hard for them to move or a lot is concussions and they also can have problems with their ankles, but people also think that having on that protection keeps them from getting injured. Having all that protection only means that they won’t get injured as bad but will still get hurt if being tackled or after a good game


Isaac ramirez, one of taylorsville football players said “i always get injured in footballs, sometimes it’s bad and sometimes i don’t even notice it at times but the big injuries i get are with my arm since i throw but the coach will set me out so my arm can heal so i think that as long as you can heal then you wont get hurt as much and will heal faster” it’s important to realize that it depends on the person on if it hurts or not. Football can be dangerous for a lot but as long as football players can rest it will be easier to deal with.

Coach wells was asked about his opinion on football injuries and he said “I do think football injuries are a big deal and I do believe that there are too many football injuries. I always need to know though if any injuries are getting too bad so I can deal with it sooner, if people put them off to the side because they can handle it, well i think their wrong” it sometimes can be the own football players fault if they have a injury but don’t speak up for it.

Christian Saligan taylorsville high senior said “when I watch football and I see injuries I think of how much it’s gonna cost to fix the problem, i think that many football players can have it rough but i also think that it does have something to do with the person because no one can really predict a injury. It just happens” you really can’t predict what will happen and that’s what christian was trying to get people to understand.

Because football has so many injuries it doesn’t make it a bad sport, football injuries happens to everyone eventually. Sometimes minor, sometimes terrible. Companies have tried making football as safe as possible so the only thing football players can do is just hope they don’t get hurt that much. It’s always good to remember that football players always take breaks too, it’s important to realize that football players can take care of themselves if they speak up to let there wounds heal.