New spring sports kick off the season


Victor Pulido

Boys Varsity Soccer going against West High School.

Faris Khanani, Reporter

The Softball team had tryouts Monday, February 25 through February 27.

The team had about 30 girls try out for the team.  The team only took 18 girls that they think have potential to do great things this season and fill the three senior positions that was lost last season.

 During tryouts they practiced hitting, catching, and grounding to determine the 2018/2019 season.

The girls have a big role to play this season because last season they made it to the 4th round of state and sadly losing to kearns to keep them from advancing.  


Taylorsville High School Soccer team had their tryouts Monday, February 25 through February 27.

The team had 80 kids tryout for the 2018/2019 season which last season they had 100 kids tryout.  The team is only taking 34 players this year.

There goal this 2018/2019 season is to make it to the state finals after last season when the boys fell short to Cyprus High in the first round which made the underclass men work harder to improve their game and they are determined to work harder than ever and push their team to there limits to make it to that state cup final.

To make the team the coaches and the captains watched who could keep up with the conditioning the boys did to start there tryouts.  Then they worked on tactical foot work like passing drills and movement off the ball, and the last day of tryouts they checked to see how you play in a actual game.  

Captain Ben Ivins said ‘ we are working hard each and every day to become a better team and to gain as much chemistry for this coming season, so we took who we believe is going to benefit the team to it’s best abilities”.


Tennis is such a underrated sport in the Taylorsville high school.  

They have had been the highest winning team in the school last year when they had a record of 10-4 and took second in region while taking 8th in state.

The coach Allred spoke to us about the team he said this “ I believe we will do better this year because we have nominated Jessie Marchant (Taylorville High School senior)  has our captain this year and he puts the best example for the team and we have depth this year and we believe we can win the region and take up to 4-6th in state and maybe even higher this year, we have a solid athletic group who are committed to the team and are hard workers for this team”.

 The team would like to see some more support from there school by getting more fans to come to there games which are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:30 and get a better home field advantage.