SNARKNADO: Cats are the superior animal

Aurelia Jones, Reporter

“I hate cats.”

Well, then.

Many people hate cats.

They say that they are terrible, that there really isn’t any reason to have them. These people often prefer dogs and how much more energy they appear to have.

Senior Kaito Davis said, “I don’t like them because they’re mean. They serve no purpose. Dogs make people happy, cats just sit there and make your life miserable.”

Even though this may be true in some aspects, cats are much less work. They do not need to have a walk, they do not run at you frantically when you come home. They do not beg for food at the dinner table. They do not need to always have attention.

All of these things are things that happen quite often when you have a dog.

When you have a cat, you can give them about five minutes of attention and then go on with your life. When you are enjoying movies, shows or a good book, the cat won’t disturb you. They will sit with you, just enjoying being with you.

Cats give off a certain aura about them that some people find very comforting. You also have to consider that if you are a busier person, cats are perfect for you. They require much less work and it is easy for them to be independent.

Sophomore Carson Tamietti said, “I prefer dogs. Kittens are cute but cats are evil.”

As Tamietti’s statement might be true for some, it is not for all. Cats may be viewed as evil, but that does not make them so.

However, Tamietti’s statement makes more sense then many would like to admit. Kittens are cute, but cats are evil. But that’s what makes them so relatable for people in the world today. Many of us have negative outlooks on life and the cat shares this perspective. This just shows how much more in tune with the world they are.

Because of this bias against cats, there are many cats that have learned to live on their own in the streets and become even more calloused. There are also many that are in the animal shelter. Much more than dogs. Dogs seem to be better liked than cats, so they are often adopted more than cats. This increases the number of cats that are left to live their life without someone to truly care for them individually.

74 percent of people interviewed preferred dogs over cats. According to Dr. Beth Erickson, with almost three-fourths of the population wanting dogs instead, cats are left to their own devices.

If you think about it, maybe this is what started their bad reputation. The fact that they were disliked by so many people, and now it’s just a sad fact of life.

Cats are just as good as dogs, if not better, even if others don’t think so.