The reality of life as a cheerleader


Diana Nguyen

Cheerleaders, performing a routine to cheer on the football team.

Samantha LaMont, Reporter

Yelling, jumping, throwing and catching. Mini skirts and whatever those Pom Pom things are. From cheering at all of the games to studying for our next tests. The responsibilities that come with being a high school cheerleader come to the plate.

   At first glance, people may see a uniform, usually, mini skirts and racerback tops, a huge bow, many times sparkly, and white tennis shoes.

   In movies, cheerleaders are snobby and popular. It shows in a cheer movie, Bring It On, the cheerleaders battle against each other and every single one of them has the mentality of being better than the rest. This may be true in some schools, and in others, it could be the complete opposite.

   “I love cheerleaders. They’re typically your top students. They are very respectful and just fun to be around in general. They are such a big help and a huge part of the Taylorsville spirit,” said Taylorsville Financial Secretary Jana Varney. “They are students with such strong values and such high morals.”

Senior Emmalyn Meservey said, “I am friends with most of the squad and I love them all very much.” Meservey agrees that cheerleaders help tremendously with school spirit and the events that take place feel better supported and more encouraged.


Ms. Palomino, a Social Studies teacher said, “The ones in my school were not super nice. They were problematic girls.” Becoming a teacher she had the expectations of the cheer team to lean more towards the conceited side of things. But as her teaching continues this expectation did a complete 180.

“Even simple things like wearing a T-shirt to support our sports department is a huge deal. It shows they care about the school and the spirit it brings. Other schools I’ve been to have commented on the support system that Taylorsville has,” said Palomino.

“I felt like if you weren’t one of them you couldn’t talk to them. They seemed to be on a higher hierarchy.” said Head Captain Breanna Wong, “Taking all of your physical energy than trying to focus mentally in classes is arduous. I personally feel that it is difficult to manage my time between all of the homework from the AP classes and cheer”

Breanna passionately says, “I love cheer and the girls. I am so glad that I’m able to spend every morning with them and become such a close family. Cheer has brought friends into my life that I never imagined I would talk to and it has given me a shoulder to cry on.” She also said, “I feel that popularity is non existing in high school. I feel that at our high school there are so many different personalities, clubs, and groups that every individual is popular in their own world/environment.” She said being involved with cheer she has gotten her out of her house more, it makes her interact with more people, and it definitely takes her out of her comfort zone at times.

Cheer isn’t just about waving Pom Poms and yelling in people’s faces. It’s bringing students together, showing their love and support for the groups that practice just as hard for their passions. For those who are wanting and willing to be a part of the team prepare yourself for interviews, meetings with coaches, tumbling classes, workshops, and others. For updates follow @T_Villecheer on twitter.