The Benefits of Extracurricular

David Godoy, Reporter

Extracurricular activities are found throughout high school in many different forms. They can be theater, debate, journalism, sports, clubs, student council, and other social events.

Extracurriculars are defined by Merriam-Webster as “not falling within the scope of a regular curriculum.” These activities help students cope with the academic stresses by providing a safe place to unwind and relax without having to concern themselves with other responsibilities. list a few requirements that may have to be met to participate in certain activities. These include fees, grades and most importantly the students GPA. The majority of activities require participating students to have certain qualifications. This is to ensure that the student can keep up with their school work as well as participate in the activity of their choosing.

“[Dance] helps me stay motivated and happy when I need it the most and it is a great escape for me,” said Senior Kylee Haslam, “I have built many friendships through dance. Some of the girls I have been friends with since I was four. Extracurriculars are very important to my life.” Extracurriculars are one of the best parts of high school. They help busy students let go of the stress and responsibility of school for a few hours.

“I believe that [extracurriculars] are very beneficial to me because it helps me keep my grades up,” said Dance Company Assistant Director Alizah Kennedy, “ I dance as an extracurricular and it really does affect my mood. Dancing is my number one go-to for stress relief most of the time. I sometimes use it to help release some of the stories I’ve created in my head.”

Alizah also stated “Dance Company has turned into a second family and the dancers/students are like my brothers and sisters” Activities such as Dance Company aid in building relationships between teachers and other students with the same interests.

According to extracurriculars can boost students self-esteem and provide a wonderful embellishment to your resume or college application.

By identifying the positive side-effects of such activities and taking note of how it affects students it’s not surprising that students should participate.

“Any activity outside of school is beneficial to the student, it helps them feel included and safe. Everyone should look into extracurricular activities,” said Junior Jay Brimhall. There are so many things to choose from, so go out there and participate.