The Mother’s Day Project

Cameron Bessette, Reporter

There are a handful of people in life who you can always count on. They love you unconditionally. They make endless sacrifices just to see you smile. Often one or more of those people are probably a mother figure in your life.

A mother’s love is unconditional. A mother’s love is the glue that holds us together. Our moms are the ones we call for in triumph and sorrow. There are countless times in life when you need your mother, and no one else can take her place.

While flowers and chocolates are perfectly suitable as a way to say “thanks” to your mom, your actions and special words mean the most to her. While we will never be able to count the myriad of blessings they’ve given us, here are five reasons we should tell our moms we love them this Mother’s Day.

Mom is modern-day superhero
Mother figures are the embodiment of resilience. Each time life knocks her down, she comes back stronger than ever. Rather than allowing failure or sickness to overcome and drain her resolve, she always manages to find a way to rise up from the ashes. They have taught us to embody a brilliant strength throughout our journey in life. They have taught us one of the most valuable lessons in life: to love ourselves. She helps us discover what we want to do in this world, and when we make that discovery, they are right by our sides cheering us along with integrity and hope.

She leads by example.
Her passion and commitment to her family is truly inspiring. The strength of her love can move mountains. She teaches us to be the bigger person, to have compassion for everyone, to rise above all, and to be our own source of strength. She shows us what brave means by selflessly putting their needs aside to tend for us. This Mother’s Day, thank your mother for motivating you, for teaching you the sky is the limit and “impossible” is just a word.

She supports you when you need it most.
Our mother figures are pretty amazing. They put up with our absurd shenanigans and they do it with smiles and zero judgment. They are the ones waiting by the sidelines when we lose the big game; waiting with the box of Kleenex after our first big breakup; racing to the emergency room when we tumble out of the tree house and break a leg. Sometimes it’s not the magnificent gestures that make her special, but the little words of encouragement that mean the most. They are the ones constantly whispering “You can do it,” even when we think we have run out of steam and cannot possibly continue. She is the motivator who will be there to guard our aspirations. They truly believe we are the most beautiful creatures on the planet even when we are at the most awkward stages in life. Her unconditional love and guidance enables us to see strength and ability in others.

Her love is incomparable.
A mother figure teaches those around her every emotion—happiness, sadness, fear, love, anger, helplessness, compassion, excitement, joy, sorrow—all while hoping they will only experience the good things in life. She is the place you came from, your first home; she is the guiding light calling you to shore during the darkness of a storm. She is your first friend—perhaps even your first enemy—but as we grow up and mature we realize she is a best friend and our biggest fans in life with only our best interests at heart. Her love is unconditional, timeless and precious.

She gives the people around her all she has (and more)
One of the most generous gifts she gives is her time and undivided attention.  She makes countless sacrifices. With endless love and guidance, she teaches us to say what is in our hearts. They allow us to be vulnerable and to embrace risk. She teaches us to love a world that barley knows what it means to love itself. Her love and guidance help us faithfully pursue life with integrity and hope. She is the ones beaming with pride cheering from the sidelines when our dreams become reality.

It is important to tell our mother figures we love and respect them every chance we get, not just on Mother’s Day. A mother’s love is endless self-sacrifice, devotion and commitment that will remain in our hearts forever forging the character of the next generation. A mother’s unconditional love has painted the canvas of our lives with gentle brushstrokes of patience, sacrifice and tenderness.