The Mother’s Day Project

Cameron Bessette, Reporter

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There are a handful of people in life who you can always count on. They love you unconditionally. They make endless sacrifices just to see you smile. Often one or more of those people are probably a mother figure in your life.

A mother’s love is unconditional. A mother’s love is the glue that holds us together. Our moms are the ones we call for in triumph and sorrow. There are countless times in life when you need your mother, and no one else can take her place.

While flowers and chocolates are perfectly suitable as a way to say “thanks” to your mom, your actions and special words mean the most to her. While we will never be able to count the myriad of blessings they’ve given us, here are five reasons we should tell our moms we love them this Mother’s Day.

Mom is modern-day superhero
Mother figures are the embodiment of resilience. Each time life knocks her down, she comes back stronger than ever. Rather than allowing failure or sickness to overcome and drain her resolve, she always manages to find a way to rise up from the ashes. They have taught us to embody a brilliant strength throughout our journey in life. They have taught us one of the most valuable lessons in life: to love ourselves. She helps us discover what we want to do in this world, and when we make that discovery, they are right by our sides cheering us along with integrity and hope.

She leads by example.
Her passion and commitment to her family is truly inspiring. The strength of her love can move mountains. She teaches us to be the bigger person, to have compassion for everyone, to rise above all, and to be our own source of strength. She shows us what brave means by selflessly putting their needs aside to tend for us. This Mother’s Day, thank your mother for motivating you, for teaching you the sky is the limit and “impossible” is just a word.

She supports you when you need it most.
Our mother figures are pretty amazing. They put up with our absurd shenanigans and they do it with smiles and zero judgment. They are the ones waiting by the sidelines when we lose the big game; waiting with the box of Kleenex after our first big breakup; racing to the emergency room when we tumble out of the tree house and break a leg. Sometimes it’s not the magnificent gestures that make her special, but the little words of encouragement that mean the most. They are the ones constantly whispering “You can do it,” even when we think we have run out of steam and cannot possibly continue. She is the motivator who will be there to guard our aspirations. They truly believe we are the most beautiful creatures on the planet even when we are at the most awkward stages in life. Her unconditional love and guidance enables us to see strength and ability in others.

Her love is incomparable.
A mother figure teaches those around her every emotion—happiness, sadness, fear, love, anger, helplessness, compassion, excitement, joy, sorrow—all while hoping they will only experience the good things in life. She is the place you came from, your first home; she is the guiding light calling you to shore during the darkness of a storm. She is your first friend—perhaps even your first enemy—but as we grow up and mature we realize she is a best friend and our biggest fans in life with only our best interests at heart. Her love is unconditional, timeless and precious.

She gives the people around her all she has (and more)
One of the most generous gifts she gives is her time and undivided attention.  She makes countless sacrifices. With endless love and guidance, she teaches us to say what is in our hearts. They allow us to be vulnerable and to embrace risk. She teaches us to love a world that barley knows what it means to love itself. Her love and guidance help us faithfully pursue life with integrity and hope. She is the ones beaming with pride cheering from the sidelines when our dreams become reality.

It is important to tell our mother figures we love and respect them every chance we get, not just on Mother’s Day. A mother’s love is endless self-sacrifice, devotion and commitment that will remain in our hearts forever forging the character of the next generation. A mother’s unconditional love has painted the canvas of our lives with gentle brushstrokes of patience, sacrifice and tenderness.

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  • I love my mom because she is the best in my eyes. Not the best mother to other people, but to me. I am grateful for that. She is little 4'9" lady that can use words to get her way. She is calm and understanding. She makes the best Filipino dishes which anyone would enjoy. She likes a clean house, and always tells me to get the hard work first, so that I may have an easier life. Even thought we don't want to. She has the greatest smile, and she'll always love me and I will always love her. Shout out to my mom. She's the greatest little Asian lady a boy could grow up and learn from. -Senior, William Wilkinson

  • Because she taught me everything I need to know today. -Will Rivera

  • I love my mother because she is my biggest support system. I have always had a close relationship with my mother. No matter what activities I am participating in, I can always rely on my mom to be there to support me. She is always the one in the crowd cheering me on. She has been by my side since day one. I can always rely on here to be there to listen and to uplift me. -Senior, Sierra Lukens

  • I love my mother because she doesn't waste her income on us children. not merely getting something for us just because we want it, she will look at our talents, our gifts, our entire character if you will, and get us one thing that we will cherish and enjoy for years to come, regardless of the low price. She is truly insightful. -Senior, Sydney Griffins (Real name withheld)

  • I love my mom because I know she's always there for me. Whenever I'm scared, sad, happy, mad, or just having a rough day. She'll always ask me how my day was and actually listen. Last year, I was having a really tough time adjusting to going to high school. My mom asked me what was wrong and was able to help me get through it. I love my mom. -Megan Valora

  • My mom is my example because thanks to her I am the person that I am because, she is my true friend my guide in life and she always shows me that I can achieve whatever I propose myself to do in life sh shows me that I am a daughter who is loved and that i am a great person to be around of,she holds me up in bad times in life and helps me keep on going. thats why my mom is my hero. -Marlene Cabrera

  • By maternal influence you mean my parents well I love them because they love and support with food and shelter, emotionally not so much but I can talk to them about things if I need someone to talk to. -Senior, Logan Walker

  • There are not enough words to express the love I have for my mom. I'm always amazed at how quick she is to forgive me after I've messed up. She never fails to let me know that she loves me and always has my back. She is my best friend and anchor and I couldn't be more grateful for her. Mom, I love you! -Leilandra Toilolo

  • I love her because she's helped me stay on the right path and always supported me with who I was as a person and what I chose to go after in life. She's always taken care of me and helped me with school. She helps guide me through the hardships of life and have always been by my side since day one. -Kylie Thornley

  • My Mom is my main support. She is always there for me and is willing to do anything to help me. Most people believe that your mom should be your friend but that isn't the case she is so much more. I love my mom, she is always in my corner cheering me on. It's the little things that she does that always reminds me that she loves me. When there is an accident on a road I normally drive on, she'll call to make sure I am safe. When I have work and can't finish my chore all the way she picks up my slack and finishes it in order to help me. She puts her life on hold when I need her. When I accidentally leave my binder at home and school started she is willing to be late to work, just so she can bring me my folder. She is the most loving, kind, and amazing person I have ever known. If I end up even a little bit like my mom, I would be a very lucky person. She is not afraid to stand for what she believes. The list could honestly go on and on. She is my mom and I am forever grateful for that. -Junior, Kaylei Powers

  • I love my mother because she has always been there for me, she is always a shoulder to cry on and she believes in me even when I don’t. She makes me laugh when I’m down and I appreciate her. -Katie Carbine

  • I love my mother because she is just so amazing and is such a good influence in my life. She has taught me how to cook and clean, which doesn't seem all that important at first, but I know that I'll really need these skills when I get older and move out. She also has set an example of good work ethic for me, getting things done well, but in a timely manner. I love my mom so much, and she even helps with homework in any way possible, even if she doesn't understand it. She makes sure we do everything we need to for school in time, and she does it all while chasing around a four-year old! She teaches me in our religion the things we need to know, and how to remain strong in the gospel. I wish everyone could have such an amazing parent to teach them the things they need to know. -Junior, Kaitlyn Richards

  • I love my mom because she is the most understanding person I know. -Jessenia Garcia-Grimaldo

  • She is so strong, and is always there to support us. No matter how tired she is, she is always willing to help. She always makes time for us. She is the woman I want to become. I love her so much. -Junior, Bonnie Brunson

  • My mom is so incredibly kind. She's always done the best she can to make her kids happy. She also steers us in the right direction but is not too strict. I'm very grateful to have her in my life and I hope to be like her in the future. -Senior, Autumn Nelson

  • she has been the one that is always there for me. Through all the tough times in my life I have been able to go to my mom because she is willing to help me by any means necessary. There have been thousands of times that I have needed guidance in my life and having someone like your mom there is always nice. She has been my best friend since day 1. She is like my best friend when I feel like I do not have anyone else there for me. -Jarom Goodman

  • I love my mom because she sacrifices so much for me, she is an amazing leader, and someone I respect. I think she has influenced me to do my best in school and to be a good person. -Senior, Braden Henson

  • Something I really love about my mother is that shes my queen. Shes taught me so much about life that words can't even show how much I appreciate her. Ever since my dad left when I was young my mom has been by my side through everything. Shes been there when I was on my lowest. Shes brought me back up all the time when I wasn't good. My mom is someone that can do anything just to see her daughters happy. I honestly owe my mom so much but if it wasn't for all her hard work I wouldn't be where I am now. Shes honestly the best thing I have in life and wouldn't trade my mother for anything. -Junior, Karla Hernandez

  • She does everything for me, and help me through all of life's ups and downs! -Sophomore, Merrym Loose

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