The transition from charter to public


Artwork By: Camila Angon

Tiani Olguin , Reporter

From school sizes to individuality, there is a big gap when comparing public school versus charter schools. In school sizes, culture, and individuality. The transition from one to another can be hard for some or easy for others. Getting used to a new building can take quite a bit of time all on its own. There is also a bit of a culture shock in how students behave or the attitude they bring with them.

For example the students act differently in public schools then they act in charter schools. The charter school American Preparatory Academy, in West Valley, is very college oriented they have college fairs and council meetings that are mandatory.

Spencer Howes, a senior that went to American Preparatory Academy, said “ At American Prep specifically we had to take a college readiness class that every senior had to take.” 

This can make the environment easier to work in if students already know what they want to do after college, or if they know what they want to study. It isn’t as focused on finding students passions or interests. For example Taylorsville has more than one language class. Here you can take spanish, italian, chinese, or french. At American Preparatory Academy they only have latin language classes.

Students said they noticed other changes as well as individuality. There are many students who transferred from charter schools to Taylorsville. There were roughly 70 more students who transferred to Taylorville after the closing of AISU.  They said they noticed differences in teacher student relationships, clothing, and expressiveness. Camorah Sillito a sophmore formally from Mana Academy said “ I think the connection between the teachers and the students were a lot closer.” 

With smaller classes and a smaller building teachers and students have more chances to talk to their teachers and build bonds. In a public school there are more students that the teachers have to be watching and helping; they don’t always have the chance to get to know each student individually.  

Clothing can also be a big difference in the environment of learning.

When asked if the uniform lessened her individuality Ariana Garcia, a sophomore from American Preparatory Academy, said “Yes, being dressed the same as everyone else felt weird.”

When everyone wears the same thing everyday it can feel restricting. Even so, it can be very helpful to staying focused in class. It also helps keep students organized based on grade level and club activities or sports.

Senior Ben Trout ,who came from AISU, said “You could still wear something different, but it created a less distracting classroom environment.”

A uniform generally isn’t limited to one piece of clothing. The option of pants or a skirt of one color and the choice between long sleeves or short makes enough variety that you are wearing something different everyday.