Unorganized school activities


Artwork By: Jared Goertzen

Kianna Glasier, Reporter

Many kids dream of getting the “high school experience” that movies and TV shows present. Going to games, asking people to dances, and joining clubs are just a few ways you can be involved in your school, but how many people use other parts of their school to be involved? Even little things like using the library for studying, the gym for extra practice, or entering into things to be in assemblies. I asked Max Montoya who is a Senior this year about his experience the last 3 years. He said that small things like participating in spirt week or hoco week is a big way to feel more apart of the school. He uses the library for some homework related work also. Max states that, “The High school experience isn’t super important to me, but I do like to try to enjoy it while I am here.”

Depending on what school you go to can play a big part on your high school experiences. Teachers and Administration can help bring more attention to students of things the school offers and help them enjoy/look forward to upcoming events. I asked Ms. Jennifer Palomino who teaches History, Debate, and Sociology on what she does to encourage students to participate in activities, “I advertise and allow students to advertise and hand flyers in my room. I offer my classes extra credit for going to school activities.” She also thinks that some ways students can be involved by joining clubs, doing some of the fun elective classes, and serving the school with things like Senate, LIA, key club, ect. 

Joining sports for the school is another good way to be involved other than just going to games. I asked Cheer Co Captain Shamrah Swindlehurt if she would participate more if the school talked about other options of activities, “I would join clubs and stuff if they talked about it more and had a way to highlight or spotlight them to make more publicity.” Shamrah is already involved in the school with being on cheer but she agrees that there are many other ways to be involved in school than just games and dances. Little things like even starting your own club for the school can make an impact and make your school experience better. 

Some things you can do to be apart of school is team building activities. If you are apart of a team and you are participating in school in that way you can take it farther with team building. This is a website where you can look at a few different ways to start team building. (

Another simple way that teachers can make students feel apart of not only class but may make them feel more apart of the school having games. Whether that is to contribute to what they are learning, just a fun day, or when they have substitutes there are ways teachers can make the school environment for fun where the students will want to participate more. Here is a website where teachers can get some ideas of things they can do in class to make class more fun. (

So there are many opinions and ways that you personally can make the High School Expectations better whether you are a student, teacher, or staff member.