How much homework is considered too much?


Taylor S. Fischbeck

7th grader Saphira Wilkinson shown stressing over the amount of homework she has to complete for her classes.

McKenna Farmer, Reporter

The recommended hours of sleep for teens is 8 or more hours. This generation, teens tend to get 7 or fewer hours of sleep doing homework. Teens have a busy schedule, work, house jobs, as well as dreadful homework. Having to complete this all makes teenagers very stressed, furthermore tired. The average amount of time spent is about 3 to 4 hours a night. Usually, assignments go past dinner for most, which is around 6-7 pm. Due to this, teenagers are losing precious hours of sleep. 

In a Stanford research project, it stated that 2 hours of homework a night may be counterproductive to teenagers, sophomores along with juniors and seniors. 

The Student Life In America survey stated that “over 50% of students reported feeling stressed, 25% reported that homework was their biggest source of stress, and on average teens are spending one-third of their study time feeling stressed, anxious, or stuck.” 

Having too much homework can cause sleep deprivation. When teenagers spend their own quality time at night doing tasks for school, they tend to fall asleep in class. Having sleep deprivation can cause multiple health problems such as mood changes, memory issues, weakened immunity, weight gain along with others. These are all factors of sleep deprivation. 

Having multiple assignments can alter teenagers mentally. It can cause stress, anxiety, as well as much more. Therefore not being mentally healthy enough to deal with the rest of the homework teachers give students. 

According to a survey by the health line, they state, “When it came to stress, more than 70% of students said they were often or always stressed over schoolwork, with 56% listing homework as a primary stressor. Less than 1% of the students said homework was not a stressor.”  

Sophomore Haley Monson stated, “I tend to stay up till 10 to 11 pm doing homework. Although I take online classes. It causes me to be tired in the morning and has me trying to stay awake while doing homework the next day.” This shows that all teacher’s, even online teachers, give out too much homework. 

What other obstacles get in the way of getting homework done early? Well, teenagers have house chores or are working. If the teachers give all students only an hour of homework, there would be one hour of homework for each class the students are taking. 

“Trying to get homework done right away is hard. We all have responsibilities like taking your dog on walks and house chores. When I have the chance to complete my homework it is already around 7 pm,” said Alexis Farmer, a former 8th grader at Bennion Junior High. 

Overall, too much homework causes sleep deprivation as well as health issues. Too much homework causes stress making the student want to give up. This brings on concerns like dropping out of school including giving up on caring about their grades.

We have countless ways to help prevent these health issues. First, the teachers can hand out a certain amount that will not overtake students’ nights. The students can also set a set schedule on what time to start homework along with finishing the homework. We can always find a solution to fixing problems, even big ones like this.