How to Manage Time


Tiani Olguin, Reporter

When it comes to high school there are many activities to get involved in such as sports, theater, JROTC, choir, drill, cheerleading, clubs, and student government. Students as well juggle  a full or part time job on top of school work. Different students have tips  on how to manage time better.


  1.  Start a to-do list

It has been shown that when a person writes things down and can see them, they are more likely to finish the task. It is even more beneficial to hand write things because your brain will recall doing the motion.

  1. Knowing how much you can handle 

If you try to take on too much it can be hard to try and multitask and manage all the things on your plate. It is important to know what really matters to you so you can prioritize. As much as people would like to be in every club, sport, or extracurricular it is impossible to be a part of everything. 

Emily Horton, senior, Madrigal, debate captain, key club member, and seminary councilist, said “ If you don’t write it down or have some way to record it you’re going to forget.”


  1. When you are at events or work bring homework with you

Sometimes there are quiet days at work or at an activity these are good times to bring homework with you. Having the spaces inbetween to get things done is good. Say you are in theater and you are rehearsing but you have a while before your scene you can be working on homework while you are waiting especially if rehearsals are long. Remember to be in the moment though enjoy the activity or focus on work and just do homework if you have down time.


  1. Make sure to stay organized

If you don’t have a way to keep track of your events or projects you will forget important things. Most people have reminders on their phones or have planners that they keep with them. Certain events even have special times they need to be finished that’s why it is important to have it marked down and have a schedule. 

Senior Jaqueline Maowbi: SBO, Mesa member, Hope squad member, key club member, and tennis player, said “I live or die by my calendar. I just make sure that everything that I am doing or will be doing is written down two weeks before.”


  1. Don’t be lazy!

The phrase “I can do it tomorrow” will make things super challenging. It will force you to constantly catch up because everything will be late or behind. Students find motivation in many things though their future after highschool or they have people who depend on them. It is also nice to get things done then relax instead of having to stay constantly busy trying to catch up on things you missed. 


Shey Rico, a junior, Theater officer and avid actress, said “I don’t procrastinate, I think of my future and college and how I am going to get there.”

These are some of the things you can do to stay organized and manage your time while being in school.