Player Profile Teuili Taukeiaho


Kate Konatsu, Editor-n-Chief

Senior Teuili Taukeiaho started his athletic career at the age of nine after his parents signed him up for football seeing as his cousins did the same. Two years later, he launched his volleyball career after watching his sisters play. Seven years later, he received MVP for defensive line in Football.

“I guess that [awardness] kind of boosted my confidence,” said Taukeiaho,  “Being a tenth grader and being one of the only tenth graders on varsity and going against kids, like juniors and seniors at that time. Helped me realize that I am good enough for this even though I had those days where I felt down and stuff. Like I wasn’t on the right team like I shouldn’t be playing with these kids but I guess that just helped me a lot to decide that I want to work harder.” 

Being a football athlete usually puts a student into a specific category, often laden with stereotypes. “A lot of people call me dumb like they all say I’m not as bright as I look. I guess they all get shocked when they see my grades and stuff like that. They’re like, ‘Oh, he isn’t like the rest of them,’” said Taukeiaho. “I guess I give off that stupid vibe. I like to play around a lot. I like to joke around and have fun, so I guess that’s why people box me in with that group. Like they automatically assume I’m stupid and don’t know what I’m doing or I’m always less,” despite being put into that stereotype Taukeiaho is able to push through multiple setbacks. 

“I definitely think my lowest point was junior [year], right after I tore my ACL. I sat out the entire football season and that was a hard time for me. Not being able to be out there with the kids I started playing with since we were younger. But, you know after all that it pushed me to work harder and you know I kept telling myself that ‘you’re going to be out there senior year. You’re going to finish with them.’ And that’s what I’m doing now,” said Taukeiaho. Even after his comeback from his first major setback, he still had some troubles up ahead. 

On Friday, September 12th, at a home game for Taylorsville High there was an altercation on the field between Cyprus High School. Due to that altercation, many students have had to face consequences for their actions. Some of the consequences include suspensions from the team and school along with getting kicked off the team. In Taukeiaho’s case, it was the two latter consequences. 

“So it’s affected me in a way where I’m tired cause I can’t do the thing that I want and I’m not out there every day,” said Taukeiaho, “And the days that I am out there but I’m trying to make it the best that I can. And I think it’s just been a big change in my life cause usually I’m so used to going to practices after school and usually, I’ll still go just to watch but it’s hard. But, we’re taking this step by step, day by day. We’ll be back, hopefully.”