Player Profile: Nicole Taylor


Paige Smith

Senior Nicole Taylor

Paige Smith, Editor

Senior Nicole Taylor started her high school career with pizzazz. Taylor joined the track and field team her sophomore year, after being a part of the drill team for a year prior. Her older sister had shined on the drill team and fully enjoyed the track team, so Taylor took her example and followed suit. 

However, besides her sister, Taylor has received a ton of help from her coaches. “My coaches have helped a lot with me. By helping me become the best that I can be by staying humble and trying to help others achieve their goals. By just me growing it makes me want to see other people grow too. Like I wanna help people out,” she said. 

With her desire for compassion, Taylor has made friends with many people on both of her athletic teams. She’s a staple to those communities as she’s expanded her social presence to help share her experiences and help boost others up as well. 

Though being an athlete is hard, Taylor has managed to keep a steady GPA and find time to socialize. As she gets ready for graduation, she’s unsure of what career she wants to pursue but knows she doesn’t want to let go of her sports. “I have been doing dance a lot, maybe I could use it as a career. Like becoming a dance teacher or coaching at a high school,” she mused. 

When asked if she has support in her extracurriculars, Taylor immediately mentions her family. “They really support me and help pay for my sport,” Taylor commented. Taylor gets ready to finish her senior year with a bang going to State with drill and starting the preseason for track and field.