Fearing Graduation

Kate Konatsu, Editor-n-Chief

Graduation, noun, the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma. That is the definition of graduation but what does it mean? Is it a once in a lifetime opportunity? Maybe it is a goal that your family set. It could even be something that a little five year old dreams of doing. Graduation can mean anything but what does it mean to the class of 2021. 

What do you think when you hear the word graduation? 

In two words senior Jasper Edwards states that it is, “Life changing.” While others have a little more concern over this simple word. 

“Stress, I mean I’ve got almost all of my credits I just need my English credit and a couple of other credits. And I’m good to go but it’s a very stressful thing to think about,” stated senior Cami Chamberlin. Taking responsibility for yourself can be scary but it could lead to so many different paths and futures. While some feel an overwhelming amount of stress others feel a more positive outlook. 

Senior Tyler Stromberg said, “Excitement to get out of high school and make my own choices.” While there are two sides on a mountain some are stuck in the middle. Senior Nicole Taylor says, “I’m kind of excited but it’s also nerve racking because after graduation it’s like your whole life is in front of you and you have to make all these decisions on where your life will go.” 

“Honestly, I’m a little terrified because it’s scary to think that we’re almost grown up and we’re almost going to become adults and have to go out into the real world. But I’m also excited, I’m going to be able to go forward with my plans, I have mixed feelings about [graduation],” stated senior Emily Horton. Others see graduation as a new opportunity for life. Senior Meylin Al-Saleh said, “I think of happiness, also relief and this transition into a new person.”

Senior Savannah Medico states, “I think of the final step and a long process of learning and beginning of me getting to choose what I get to be and what I’m going to do which is fun and scary all at the same time.”

“Well I think of moving on. I think of completing a chapter of my life. I think of all of my past achievements that I’ve spent the majority of my time striving forward and complete. And finally being done,” said senior Dillan Mena. 

Senior Jason Dieu stated, “You know there’s not a lot to think about but truthfully I like to think about it as a stepping stone or a doorway. Just something you pass through, like a sign that you’re changing and growing as a person whether or not you like it.”