Tville’s Burning Questions Episode Review: Would you rather be posted to Tville Bad Parking or Tville Bathroom Shoes?

Morgan Thompson, Editor

Our first episode of Tville’s Burning Questions was a success! For this episode, the question was “Would you rather be posted to Tville Bad Parking or Tville Bathroom Shoes?” Although the responses were surprisingly split, Tville Bad Parking pulled ahead with 52.8% of the student body preferring to be posted on the account. 

Arianna Canton and Lily Hood fluctuated between their answers, but ended up deciding on Tville Bathroom Shoes. “If I wear my Nike Blazers then nobody’s going to know it’s me,” Canton said. “Oh, if I’ve got my sweet kick on, then yeah!” added Hood.

“I think I’m on both,” said Samuel Johnson.

Many of those who were asked this question, didn’t drive, have a car, nor had a license. Some of these students were Madison Stensrud and Clara Pitts. “I don’t drive, so it would be kind of ironic if I got posted on there,” Stensrud said.

“I don’t want people taking pictures of me in the bathroom!” said Alishandra Diekmann, justifying her answer for Tville Bad Parking. “That’s weird!”

Make sure you check out our next episode to see if our student body prefers Conversation Hearts or Hershey’s Kisses.