New multi-player game Destiny released

Ethan Castro, Reporter

On Sept 9, Bungie released its newest next-gen game: Destiny, and has been released for the Playstation 3, 4 and the Xbox 360, Xbox One.

Destiny is set in the distant future. The players are able to explore the ancient ruins of the solar system from Old Russia on Earth, the red dunes of Mars, the lunar base on Earth’s moon, to the exotic jungles of Venus.

Throughout the adventure players defend Earth’s remaining city, players must face humanity’s greatest enemies while trying to reclaim what was lost in the collapse of humanity’s Golden Age.

Destiny allows players to choose from Titan, Warlock, and Hunter, each wielding different types of unnatural powers and different types of weapons.

The Titan carries heavy weapons, he can jump and glide across the air for a short time. His unnatural power allows him to jump across the air and slam into the ground releasing an electric shock wave that stuns enemies within 50 feet of the blast radius.

The “Ghost” is a levitating artificial intelligence that is used by the Guardians. Ghost is a neat feature unique to the Guardians, the Ghost supports players by illuminating dark areas, hacking Golden Age technology, acts as a navigation system that helps Guardians through complicated areas, teleports guardians into their ship, informing of hostile threats and have a navigation system to help players locate mission objectives and Faction missions from the Tower.

By completing objectives, missions, and killing enemies, you receive experience which allows you to continuously upgrade your powers

If players like multiplayer games, this game is a perfect match. Destiny allows you to interact with other players around world. In addition to giving you access to interact with your friends, you can receive new weapons and new upgrades to increase players arsenal as you level up. By completing objectives, missions, and killing enemies, you receive experience which allows you to continuously upgrade your powers; In addition players can buy stronger weapons from the gun shop, collect bounties, buy stronger armor, and buy new Sparrows.

A Sparrow is like a motor bike but with no wheels, it uses jet thrusters to hover above any surface. The Sparrow can be summoned by using the Guardian’s Ghost which teleports the Sparrow to the player’s position allowing the player to ride from area to area. The downside about the Sparrow is that you are defenseless against enemy fire while riding it.

When players want to take a break from their missions they can return to the Skywatch where the Guardians are safe from enemies. The Skywatch is the base of operation for the Guardians and a good place to stop and save your game after hours of pure awesomeness.

Players can travel between planets by using jumpships. Players can buy new and improved jumpships at the Hangar in the Overwatch District at Earth’s last city. In order to buy these jumpships or new weapons that are stronger than the weapons they have, they need to gather Glimmer. Glimmer are small glowing blue cubes that can be collected by defeating enemies, completing missions, and by doing bounties.

Destiny is different from many other types of multiplayer games such as Rage. The differences are: In Destiny, players are allowed to play in groups and see others in the area they are currently in and can decide if they want to help them defeat the enemies they are fighting; they also have the option to help complete the same mission they are already playing or continue playing the current mission by themselves. In Rage players can’t interact with other players in the campaign, they can interact with the game characters, however; that is all the interaction they can do  as far as people related. Destiny is recommended for players who enjoy first person shooters and multiplayer online games.