Foodie Club: Su Casa

516 E. 300 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Rachel Prows, Photo Editor

Downtown Salt Lake City has an abundant selection of places to eat with many different options including, but not exclusive to, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican, American, Italian, and many more. Although there are many different places to eat, not all of them have high quality, satisfying food.

However, the size and popularity of a restaurant does not automatically determine the quality of the food. Driving  downtown in hopes of finding an amazing, undiscovered restaurant is quite rare, and sadly was not the case when stopping at the mexican restaurant Su Casa.

Walking into Su Casa, there is that instant welcoming aura as the waitress hands out the menus and seats the group. The atmosphere of the restaurant was very comfortable and had somewhat of an American feel. The menu had good descriptions of the food, helping people that may not be as familiar with traditional Mexican foods understand what they are ordering.

The large selection of dishes and affordable prices is one of the things that makes this small restaurant a nice place to eat, but to get a higher quality, flavorful meal, a more popular (and busy) restaurant like the Red Iguana might be a more suitable choice.

For the price of the meal, it was a rather good deal, but the food itself was disappointing. The cheese enchiladas were especially unsatisfactory with the cheese over cooked and not enough sauce to make it a good enchilada. The chicken enchiladas were a little better, but the chicken was very dry with, again, not enough sauce.

On the flip side, the Horchata at Su Casa was extremely pleasing. although they could have put a little less ice in the glass, the taste of the drink surpassed expectation.

Compared to places like Taco Bell, and Del Taco, Su Casa had pretty good food for the prices they were offering it at, but to find a savory meal, going to a more popular place after doing some research would probably be a better option.