Students and teachers try to get more artwork in hallways


Jeremy Ashton

Student artwork from past decades and to present day, on display in upper F hall.

Alexandria Anderson and John Diaz

When walking along F-hall, students and teachers will find the walls decorated with artwork of past students. There is lots of artwork all over the school, but not as much as in the F-hall and Mr. Eberly is trying to change that.

“A lot of the [art] work, actually, was here before I got here, this is my twelfth year,  since that time I’ve been collecting [art] work to put up pieces slowly. I’ve put up a couple of pieces each year, I have about sixty waiting to be hung right now. I’ve been collecting student artwork for twelve years” said Mr. Eberly, art teacher.

Some of the artwork around the school was made before the current students of Taylorsville were born. The paintings above the lockers in the F-hall were left in Eberly’s classroom from past students. Some of the art work in the F-hall is dated back to ‘85.

Along with getting more art work in the F-hall, some teachers are also trying to get artwork put up in other halls. It’s not just teachers who want more art work in the halls, visualization is an important key in art, and it’s hardly represented in the school.

“The purpose of art class is so that you can understand the world, and then reflect that understanding into art work and communicate that understanding to other people. So why wouldn’t we have [art] it everywhere so that students can communicate their understanding to other students,” said Ms. Ward, art teacher.

Art is playing a big role in the halls in the school. There’s artwork on the floor in the commons area,the word “imagine” is painted all over the school, but students and teachers just want more. There are a lot of artwork around the school showing school pride and some want that to keep coming like the statue in the commons area.

“Artwork is needed in school, it goes hand in hand. School should be more visual, and I think seeing artwork in school halls will help us [student] expand our imagination . If it is made by kids, it also empowers a generation of artists to go out there and make the art that inspires them” said Amber Rose Dwyer, senior.