New borderlands disappoints

Harmony Hankins, Reporter

Developed by 2K Australia with the assistance of Gearbox, Borderlands has been entertaining gamers since it was first released in 2009.

Both Borderlands games take place on a lawless planet called Pandora where players have the option to play as one of four Vault Hunters in an attempt to bring down the Hyperion, who are trying to take over Pandora and open the ancient alien Vault hidden beneath its surface.

However, in this new prequel to Borderlands 2 players will have to adapt to the low gravity environment of Pandora’s moon, Elpis. This new feature will enable players to jump higher as well as farther. Also because of the low gravity players will have to carry oxygen kits, or Oz kits, these kits will give players the ability to slam down on enemies and even double jump.

Elpis, like Pandora, will have many of the same environment features, such as cities and vast open spaces, as well as many new features. Such as mysterious holes in the ground, lava fields, large chasms, and the Hyperion moon base.

However there has been some debate on whether or not the Pre-Sequel should be available on all consoles.

According to the Game Informer website, “The game may not be coming out on any new-gen consoles. Instead, 2K Australia and Gearbox want to remain on the consoles that the previous games were released on. Claiming that they don’t want to their customers to have to buy the new consoles in order to play.”

However, fans suggest that they release the game on all consoles, that way the game could be available to all gamers.

Although the game has been released many players are calling it a buggy DLC and recommend that other players, who haven’t bought the game yet, wait until the summer. By then not only will the game be cheaper, currently priced at 60 dollars, but hopefully the game creators will have also fixed many other problems that the game has provided.