Multicultural Assembly cancelled due to lack of participation


John Diaz

Dance Company is practicing their dance for the Multicultural Assembly in the Cafeteria before school.

John Diaz, Reporter

The Multicultural assembly was supposed to be on the 25th of November, but it got cancelled due to lack of participation.  The assembly was supposed to be about students performing dances or music from cultures they originate from.

On November 6, auditions were held at school, but there were only five trying out.  Only two made it.  There were  going to be two more; the Dance Company’s and the Advanced Dance class performance. Consequently, there would have only been a total of four  performances for the assembly in total.  The assembly would have been only about half an hour long.  Ms. Chinn, one of the judges at the auditions was flabbergasted at the results.

“Not many people participated this year for the multicultural assembly, and it was very shocking.  It had to be cancelled”, said Ms. Chinn.

A few students who were going to be in the assembly were upset that they weren’t able to perform.  The Dance Company were going to do an African dance, and the advanced class were going to do a Bollywood dance.

“It’s sad that we won’t be doing the assembly anymore, we worked hard for it, and I just feel like it was a waste of time doing this”, said Brooke [last name], junior.

“I was very excited to be doing the Bollywood dance at the assembly, it kinda sucks”, said Makala Ross, senior.

Last year, the school had a lot more entries than this year, and the year before that, it had more entries than expected.  Ms. Chinn is hoping that next year will be better.

The students from advanced dance also shouldn’t be feeling upset about not performing, because they will still be performing in the January for the end of the semesters dance concert.

“These dances will not go to waste, we’ll still be practicing and perform them in January. It will take place here at school at 7pm on January 16. Tickets will be $3  for the entry”, said Ms. Chinn.

“It’s nice that we’re still gonna be performing, but I wanted to perform at the assembly in front of the whole school, not just a few people who will show up to school at 7 at night. But it’s okay, I guess”, said Anikae [last name], sophomore.

Ms. Chinn is hoping that next year will go a lot better than this year, and is looking forward to all the great talent.