Frozen 2 brings joy to adults and children alike



Sisters, Princess Ana and Queen Elsa, facing back to back in order to show their relationship with Frozen 2 on the side.

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor

Disney has brought joy into the world ever since it released its first movie in 1937 and it has yet to disappoint. One of Disney’s newest movies is the sequel to the 2013 Frozen, starring our beloved characters and introducing new ones.

Frozen 2 was released on November 22, 2019, and the reviews have been raving. Behindwoods Review Board said, “Elsa and Anna’s magical quest casts a spell on the viewers and keeps our eyes stuck at the screen. An enjoyable watch!”

There was so much action; if you glanced away for a second, you would miss something either pertaining to the story or just adding to it. Adding on to the action, the songs produced by Christophe Beck–an original producer from Frozen–for the movie brought the audience to the edge of their seats.

Besides hit songs and action, the beloved snowman, Olaf, brought comedic relief to a tense story about finding yourself. In the movie, Olaf dramatically reenacts the story of Anna and Elsa’s adventure so far, making the newly introduced characters react intensely. Few media producing companies are able to bring comedy to an impactful story but Disney did just that with Frozen 2. 

Junior Leilani Forrest said that she loved Elsa’s character development and the way the songs “Show Yourself” and “All is Found” played into such a powerful development. In regards to Elsa’s transformation, Forrest said, “That whole scene was just absolutely gorgeous to me.”

However, Elsa wasn’t the only character to get an arc. Anna, the typically upbeat princess of Arendelle, was truly tested in this movie showing just how powerful and how much weight one person can carry. Family means the world to her and when your loyalty to your family is tested, it can truly show who you are. Princess Anna continued with her mission and ended up doing exactly what was to be done, benefitting her and all of Arendelle in the end. The song, “The Next Right Thing” fit Anna perfectly and added to her accomplishment. 

One of our new characters was Lieutenant Mattias, a loyal guard to Arendelle and the sisters’ father. Once he heard of King Agnarr’s (the sisters’ father) passing, he was immediately devastated but without hesitation, he placed his trust in the daughters of the king. Without Mattias, Ana wouldn’t have been able to complete her task and Elsa would have been left, wondering where she was meant to be. While Mattias wasn’t a primary character, he still contributed to the story which is what a good secondary character is supposed to do. 

To add to the amazement, the movie has gained a lot of revenue, breaking records. Pamela McClintock Hollywood Reporter stated that in North America alone, Frozen 2 has earned 130 million dollars as of November 25, 2019. Combined with the international amount of 228.2 million, this sequel has 350.2 million dollars globally. That, alone, is surprising. 

“[I was] pretty impressed. It was way better than I thought,” junior Carlie Blair said. With any sequel, audiences can be hesitant on getting their hopes up for it. After all, most sequels do disappoint but Frozen 2 did anything but. Overall, Frozen 2 is an incredible story about a lost, misfortuned family just trying to find their way in the world and one thing’s for sure, this movie will forever remain in people’s hearts.