Are therapy dogs an answer to student mental health?

Keren Perez, Reporter

Many high schools face many challenges, one being teenagers’ mental health and productivity during school hours. At this age many teenagers face multiple problems such as getting a job, drivers licenses, college, and more. This can harm the growing brain and halt the productivity of getting work done. Students can act out and lose more of their temper. This can make students lose their time in studying and preparing themselves for schoolwork.  However, this can change with the help of a four-legged friend. A dog, more in detail, a therapy dog.

 Therapy dogs have helped many people including those who suffer and depression, people who suffered injuries, people with terminal illnesses and more. Therapy dogs have brought light into people’s lives and brought hope. With a therapy dog, many students can come when they are dealing with a problem to help ease their minds. Many students come to school with a lot of problems from home or other major events that have happened in their lives. Causing some students to act out and become more aggressive to the smallest things. Having a Therapy dog in the school can allow students to relax and calm down their nerves and make them feel in a better place.

Students will be able to find a way to deal with their problems, with a helping paw. School will be more interesting for students and might even help attendance. The therapy dog can be placed in the wellness center for students or during a day of the week, the therapy dog can enter a class and stay there for a period or even shorter. If students need alone time with the Therapy dog then students can set up appointments. If the student wants others to be there then the student can request for friends or a teacher who has time to come be by the student’s side.  A therapy dog can help improve the student’s mental health and can help the students open up to teachers about problems at home.