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Author Spotlight: Lindsey Duga

Headshot of Lindsey Duga in the middle of three of her books.

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor

September 10, 2020

The art of storytelling has been around for ages but there are some authors who stand out amongst Young Adult (YA) and Middle Grade (MG) audiences and Lindsey Duga is one of many. Duga has written and published a total of four books, one of which called Roaring came out this year. Duga has given the ...

10 books to read during quarantine

A collage of the ten books listed below to help people get through quarantine.

Taylor S. Fischbeck, Editor

April 29, 2020

During this trying time, teenagers need a distraction to keep them from going insane while they’re all trapped inside the house. One of the best ways to do that is to read! Here are ten books that were chosen by peers that will help pass the time inside our homes. 1. The Statistical Probability of Love at Fi...

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