Staff Editorial: Utah learns from other cultures

Call for Utah to embrace its multicultural points of view

Warrior Ledger Staff

Diversity can be seen in most parts of Utah, depending on where you go. That’s one of the great things about Utah: Students are beginning to see the world and are shaping the future in a positive way.

Taking in other cultures is starting to benefit the society and the student body. Students are beginning to understand that we are human and have a right to be treated as such.

Our culture has been making progress from the dark period where we weren’t excepting other for what they did, said, or most times, what they did not say or do. We are taking little steps by steps to make everyone equal especially here in Utah.

We’re accepting other cultures that cross into our borders and we’re welcoming them with open arms.

There are so many cultures in our areas. In almost every direction, there’s a new face and a story of rich history behind it.

Regardless of where they come from, they have some sort of story as to who their ancestors are and who they represented.

Brittany Loveland, a sophomore, said, “I think that we’re a pretty multicultural state. I’m open to it because  I love all the foreign foods.”

Being a native born Utahn causes some issues regarding how much culture we really see in or precious state. Utahns may or may not notice when we have a different person because they are unlike the rest of us. Not in the same sense that they are weird they are  but how different we are. Persons from out of town would be the perfect example. Learning about these different cultures can really impact the student themselves.

Christie Swain, a junior, said, “It’s a different point of view because when you’re opposed, it helps you think about it. It helps you think what your opinion is other than the other opinion.”

In this state, there is progress as to how perspectives are changing. Persons are becoming more open to the idea of exploring different religions. It’s even becoming part of the freshman curriculum that includes field trips to Synagogues, Buddhist temples, Hindu temples, and a healthy course of in-depth explanations of the religion.

Sophomore, Camrynn Berrelleza, said, “Everyone has a different idea of culture. There are different things about culture.”

A Utahns perspective can have a lot of impact on others in the community. A better, unified community is the main goal in everyone’s  eyes. If there were more of a diversity and a better understanding of the people around us, there would probably be less tension in the areas but it was sort of a longshot. It would take a ‘Christmas Miracle’ to get that done and checked off of the list.