Snarknado: Responsibility, an issue with the student body

Keely Valdez, Assistant Editor

In the hallways, there’s always the chatter of the last weekend or this coming weekend, what plans are being made, the usual talk of a newly-released video game, and the latest gossip. And frequently, the talk of what Mom made them do is brought up in casual conversations. This is the usual complaining heard in these hallways. It’s not everyone in the whole student body but nonetheless, it’s a good number of students who don’t or can’t accept responsibility quite yet.

This is a high school. Students are preparing for the real world and there are those who don’t quite get the idea of real life. There’s no apology for the fact that there are chores needed to be done or what other ‘lame things’ need to be done this weekend. When students are living on their own, Mommy will not be there. Mommy won’t be there to pick up after their clothing or do their laundry, she won’t be there as an element of reminding, she won’t be there to coddle or for comfort, and she especially won’t be there to make the bed.

Welcome to the reality so many have been introduced to and have stressed out over. High school is the transition from child to adult. These three or four years are the time to get out there and have fun while it’s possible but at the same time, to gain that responsibility maturity. The fact of the matter is, it’s unacceptable to sit in the basement of the parental household and not get out there and not get an education. Growing up is essential.

Many of us want to be successful in life but want it without all the hard work. Generations have done it and survived. Some have even worked harder and love to remind this generation of just that. This generation can do so much more with their time but again, having to put the work into it is what stops people. Learning how to work and doing things solo is a life lesson that this generation obviously isn’t stressing over. “Winging it” has almost become the acceptable lesson of society. It has almost become ‘the norm’.

Seniors especially should be getting into this mojo or mindset of, “College is coming soon and preparation needs to take place,” especially if they are going into the real world to experience it in their eyes. Silly things like laundry, washing dishes, and a majority of other chores are needed when living alone. Seniors tend to stress out and that’s okay. Signing up for classes, getting housing set straight, and worrying about what food plans are available, is overwhelming and very time consuming. Becoming the adult is scary but it’s the circle of life. This is what parents have prepared us for and obviously, some aren’t getting the idea or the main focus.

Adulthood is something that students should have been preparing for ever since they started school. Instead of being babied and given what they want within the blink of an eye, they should’ve been working for what they want, been taught that it’s not always possible to get the items, and that life is definitely not fair. It’s a hard lesson most parents hate to give but it’s got to be taught somehow.