Hardcore crowd pleased by Four Years Strong adrenaline-heavy concert

Excitement and intensity permeate a hopeful audience, aggravated moshing and crowd surfing ensues

Aaron Dufner, Reporter


Four Years Strong has taken Utah to a close and personal level with their hardcore music. They played at Kilby Court, which only holds around 200 at full capacity. They played on September 9th with guests Defeater, Expire and Speak Low. It was an all ages show at the venue. The tickets were $16 in advance and $18 the day of. Four Years Strong performed mostly songs from their new self titled album.

When the concert started and Speak Low got on stage, most people were waiting in the courtyard of the venue because they were the opener and they had a softer sound to their music compared to the other bands. Then Expire got on and drew a lot of people in though some stayed in the courtyard, their music was very heavy and hardcore sounding. After that Defeater came on and pretty much everyone went inside to listen to their heavy guitar riffs and fast drum paces, though not as hardcore as expire they were still very good. Everyone knew that Four Years Strong was up next so everybody ran inside.

When Four Years Strong got on the stage people knew it was going to be an extremely hardcore night at the concert with the stage only being a few feet from the crowd. There was plenty of aggravated crowd surfing, moshing, head banging and over-all tons of pushing and shoving, but that didn’t stop anyone and it was one of the most insane and over-all epic shows to date.
They just kept going with the music and did not slow down the whole concert. Although there was a bit of a wait to see Four Years Strong with the three opening bands playing when they came on everyone became alive immediately as they hit the stage.

Craig Flitton, Senior said “The show was mad, people were headbanging and stage diving it was an overall awesome and fun show, it was my first concert and it will probably be the best show I’ve been to for a long time to come.”

The show could have been classified as dangerous and extreme as the lyrics of each of the bands incited rebellion and caused an extreme response, but that didn’t stop anyone from coming. Everyone knew what they were getting into when they came to Kilby Court for a night of some of the most hardcore bands known to date. The show definitely appealed to teens and young adults alike, though the appeal for children and elderly people would be very low as at the show it would be more than likely to get hurt as the bands were hardcore and influenced moshing and stage diving.

If the listener would like to check out Four Years Strong the listener can get their albums from most retail stores. Though the best places to get them would be F.Y.E and Graywhale. Some albums that are worth checking out are their newest the self titled album, Rise or Die Trying and Enemy of The World.