Make the world better with a sweater

Ugly Christmas sweaters used to help children

Arianna Faamausili, Reporter

‘Tis the season for doing good and being giving! The Save the Children program tries to inspire others to wear their most “festive” holiday sweater at school, work and even at home. Doing this helps brighten the lives of children. If you do not own a sweater, you can simply make one or order one from tipsyelves, who is in partnership with Save the Children.

Not only is it the third Friday of December, but it is also National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, thanks to the ugly Christmas sweater lovers who started this in 2011. National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day has grown to be an international event. Now occurring on the third Friday of December, the holiday gives holiday lovers worldwide a chance to wear their ugly Christmas sweaters. You can now help children across the world by wearing an ugly sweater on December 18th this year, and encouraging others to go online and donate only five dollars. The money goes to help children who are in need. To donate for Save the Children, please visit

Students, especially, love to get into the holiday spirit with their holiday sweaters. Senior, LaRue Tafa, shares, “I had no idea that wearing ugly christmas sweaters was a national holiday! I’m happy to wear mine this year in honor for the children and donate.” The knitted wonders covered in Christmas goo-gahs made of pom poms and felt, sparkles and sequins, bows, ribbons and appliqués are totally in this month.

Junior student, Maizy Burbank, says that she saves her ugly Christmas sweater every year to wear for the third Friday of December. “Mine lights up, it’s really awesome,” she says. These tacky sweaters will bring definite joy this upcoming holiday. Also, if students and peers want to take pictures together with their ugly Christmas sweaters and post them on Twitter, the student body officers are willing to retweet them, @TvilleSBOs.