Students stuggle to stay motivated


Mckayla Philbrick, Reporter

Motivation is one of the hardest things to find throughout the school year. There’s so much going on between tests, friend, family, and dramatic breakups. Feeling like drowning is a common feeling, but the great thing is there are ways to help.

Every year in high school is hard, it seems as if something new happens every week. Holding struggles in isn’t something anybody wants to do, but it is one key thing to get through. Whether it’s to somebody who listens who is trustworthy or even just a page in a notebook expressing what’s wrong, it is an easy way to cope no matter how stupid it may feel. If it’s enough to bother a person it matters.

Secondly, schoolwork is a major thing in school, obviously. While still wishing to be doing something else, anything else is still not as important to as to keep up on school work. Regret comes at full force when a student has some catching up to do. “Utilize free time to finish up homework,” states Wikihow (author’s name not included). Finding ways to keep on task can be a struggle. Incorporating fun things into studying can be beneficial and make it more entertaining. Such things as sports can help studying plus making time helps so it’s not a struggle to finish work at the the last second. The way something moves in a sport can have the same angles as a problem in math. Studying can be fun, well at least as much fun as studying can get. Some creative things a person can do to remember things are to create songs to remember vocabulary, dance to remember the bones in the human  body for health, draw pictures to make a visual of any class that just does reading and so much more. Using enjoyable tasks into what would much rather avoid doing can make an easy balance and right after what you lothe is over you can go straight to having fun!

Find out what’s more important with your work. “How is this assignment going to impact me in five years?”  was a question former SBO Remi Prince he used to ask this to get things into perspective. When everything was put together he would realize “It’s just a miniscule part of my life”. Putting your things into perspective and getting your bearings on what’s important saves you tons of time and stress. Do what’s more important first then move from there. Still give it your effort but put what needs to be done and what’s worth more ahead at least for the time being.

    Lastly, “High school is mostly a time to just have fun,” said Prince,“It took me a long time to realize that.” A lot of students still haven’t realized that. School work is very important but students need to still make sure they make memories that will last, just not the “dangerous you’re going to jail type.” So, focus on school work but just have fun with it. What sounds impossible could be something very do-able and something very important for all of us to try. “Rather than stress, tear your hair out, and feel utterly useless you need to remember that high school years are some of the best years of your life and you must take advantage of that,” said Prince.