Dress codes made to keep the school modest


Kaylee Wengren, Reporter

Public school dress codes have increasingly gotten more strict throughout the years. How come? Taylorsville High School was built in 1981, and dress codes have been enforced since then. Clothing styles and trends have changed throughout the generations so dress codes change according. Some clothing that is currently not acceptable at Taylorsville is: no sagging pants, no short shorts or skirts, belly shirts, low-cut skirts, and spaghetti straps.

Some students at Taylorsville believe that the school tickets more girls than boys and it isn’t fair. Senior student Yazmin Romo said, “I think they are more strict with girls than guys and it sucks because I feel like they think all girls are a distraction to males and I don’t believe that is true at all.” On the other hand, some students believe that because of our generation we must have a strict dress code.

Junior student Maddie Dallimore said,“I think they are more strict on girls, not because they’re sexist but because it is harder for girls to be modest and it is more socially acceptable to wear inappropriate clothing to school.”

Taylorsville is popular 5A high school and it’s important for the school to have a good reputation for appearance. Senior student Asenaca said,“Honestly, I think dress codes are about how we carry our school as a whole and represent it.”

Students are responsible for coming to school with appropriate attire, and school Administrators are responsible for enforcing this rule.

Assistant Principal Waisea Lesuma said “We have been lax this year on enforcing the overall dress codes.”

On page 5 of the student handbook it states, “Taylorsville High School students are expected to dress in a clean, neat manner that will not take attention away from the learning process. While we want our students to be comfortable, confident, and able to express themselves, there are certain guidelines all students are expected to follow:”

Dress codes are not made to discriminate on any genders. They are made to help represent our schools and also to help students experience what it’s like to be in a professional environment. If any students are unaware of the dress code, it is located online on the Taylorsville High school webpage under policies and procedures.