Star Wars VII strikes back with the force


Keely Valdez, Assistant Editor


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a new fandom was born. In 1977, Star Wars had made its debut for millions across the globe. This classic movie series has changed film-making and made it into something better. From its iconic cast and it’s quotable script, it changed the world for nerds/geeks. It opened new worlds and hopes for the public.

Now, in the year 2015, it has made quite a comeback. Millions of people, old and new, have waited for the return of Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, and his best bud, Chewbacca but Chewie, for short. It has been 32 years since people have seen these classic characters and the wait is no longer.

Natalie Andersen, a sophomore, said, “It stayed true to the original series which was amazing. The actors were greats and they kept a lot of the same actors which I loved.”

Having premiered on December 18th, 2015, it has already started all sorts of theories and predictions for the next Star Wars movie. This blockbuster has caused all sorts of commotion amongst friends and families. It’s almost like when the first of the series, A New Hope, came out. That was worth the wait and so is this new one.

Bringing an interesting twist, the new villain has made quite a stir in the world. Kylo Ren, the newest addition for the Star Wars empire, has brought the darkside back with a vengeance. It is up to the new heroes in the series to bring back peace and order to the galaxy. Coming back onto the big screen once again is the infamous galactic smuggler, Han Solo and his furry pal, Chewie, and they must, once again, help stop the evil that resides.

Senior, Josie Bertrand, said, “I went in with low expectations, because how can you carry on or make something as good as the last six? But I was pleasantly surprised. They did a phenomenal job with characters, plot development, and all forms of story cinematic elements.”

Battling the new enemies, they must find the one who can restore the balance to the force.  Rey, a modern day Leia, is a scavenger trying to find her place in the galaxy and soon she is faced with the biggest challenge of her life. With her posse of unlikely heroes, they must join Han Solo, Chewie, and Leia to rid the galaxy of evil and order. With the old characters making a comeback, they must help the new characters with their vast knowledge of the galaxy and the odds and ends.

With the movie teasers coming first, it already had fans excited and confused. The world was buzzing with excitement. When the official trailer that had come out on October 19th, 2015, the confusion had gone but the excitement had stayed. The excitement only grew from there. The long wait only seemed to grow until the day finally had come. It was probably one of the most excruciating waits in all of cinematic history for a ‘die-hard’ Star Wars fan.

Bertrand and Andersen would both recommend the movie to everyone.

This movie is just as the other Star Wars movies with all the charm, sadness, and its ability to want to become a jedi. It’s as if nothing had changed from the very beginning in 1977. Audiences will love this new extension to the Star Wars Universe and will want to see it more times than one otherwise it wouldn’t have earned the number one box office sales since Avatar. Star Wars is a must-see and is worth every penny. As Darth Vader had said in ‘A New Hope’, “The force is strong with this one.”