Foodie Club: High Point Coffee


Hollie Link, Assistant Editor

Looking for a casual place to talk and have a snack? Wanting to ask that cute girl from math out but not wanting it to be fancy? Are you looking for a new study group location? Need someplace to drink hot chocolate and cozy up by a fire? Maybe you’re simply trying all sorts of coffee. Whatever the reason may be, High Point coffee offers all these accomodations and more.

With high end coffee changing immensely over the years, it was nice to experience a place where not only is there phenomenal cups of coffee. But there’s extraordinary espresso drinks, smoothies, snacks, tea, hot cocoa, and people.

When walking into highpoint the menu looks like a average coffee menu. However when taking a closer look you can find, bigger and bolder options. For example: white mocha with a shot of banana syrup and coconut syrup. There is also countless simple options for those wanting to stay in their comfort zones.

The ambiance is quaint yet adorable and somehow filled the desire to feel “hipster” while at a coffee shop. There are three main attractions within the wee building. To start off, there are casual tables set up through the whole shop. Which would be handy for a quick chat with some friends, spending some time alone, or a date with that cute girl from math class. Then there is a impeccable fireplace with homey big chairs, the perfect place for some after sledding hot chocolate. Lastly; they offer a meeting room that could satisfy most people’s wants and needs.

As for what matter the most to broke teenagers; the price. By no means were the drinks over priced, but again by no means were the drinks astonishingly a decent price. Ordering a 16 oz chai tea latte with two shots of espresso ran for $6. To put this into perspective, that same drink is $7 at Starbucks.

Overall the package of this coffee shop is worth the visit time and time again. Whether the common businessman needs his morning latte, or a teacher needs their afternoon cup of coffee, High Point will not disappoint.