Mid-season finales become standard

Katrina Osborne, Reporter

Mid-season finales, hiatus, occurs with almost every tv show out there. There are many reasons as to why they occur some being that the show might be cancelled soon, it gives the cast and crew a break, to build suspense, etc. “Without breaks you would have to wait 8 months to finish watching your show,” said Sarah Poulsen.

“As a person involved in producing the show, it’s great to have this opportunity to catch our breath, especially in post-production, it’s a very demanding show for post-production and you can certainly fall behind. We have to deliver the show early because it’s translated into 31 different languages, because it airs across the globe within a week and in many cases within 24 or 48 hours of its premiere in the US,” explained the producer of the Walking Dead.

There are many reasons as to why most mainstream tv shows take breaks around the beginning of the year. Some of it has to do with overall ratings and holidays, others depend on the shows’ production schedule and other commitments of their actors. Mid-season finales also mean another chance to insert major story and character arcs into the series structure.

Students had ideas of their own as to why show take ‘em. “Probably to build suspense or just want ot make us wait so that everyone would want to watch the premiere,” said sophomore Hollee Bassett. “I wish they wouldn’t make us wait for so long but I do get why they do it.”

Supernatural just had their mid-season premiere in January and have been quite popular considering they just hit they’re 11 season and plan on making a 12th. Supernatural has a large fan base and not a ton of people are happy that they take breaks, but they make 1 episode a week. That’s quite a bit of work when you think about it. The actors and crew need a break from filming, and want to go home for the holidays, that is why they take breaks.

All in all people may not be happy about season breaks, but they are a necessity so that the crew and actors/actresses can take a break and see their families for the holidays. Some people understand and some do not. That won’t stop them from taking breaks though.