The Foodie Club: Fiiz Drinks


Xylina Session, Editor- in- Chief

Dubbed “the mormon bar” for its under-age friendly menu, Fiiz is a ‘local stop for treats, specialty drinks, and Italian sodas.’ Vintage red and blues offer a greaser decade ambiance, deviating from old Tammy’s Diner, the previous business of the location. Though Fiiz still includes alcoholic beverages in the menu, popular orders stay close to traditional sodas mixed with juice and cream. The Berry Good Doctor, for example, includes a Doctor Pepper mixed with strawberry purée, vanilla, coconut and cream. Though the tantalizing and well diversified menu inspiring tempting images and hopes for a refresher (or a warmer-upper if you order a hot chocolate), your less overrated and less expensive Sonic drive-in, or Sam’s Club soda fountain delivers the same effect. The lovely ‘bar tenders’ bat friendly eyelashes and exemplify eagerness to see what kind of personalized orders and complicated mixers customers can throw, but for the traditional Taylorsville local, a simple precalculated order fails to provide for a particularly impressive situation. Red leather bar stools and cute country love songs attribute to the cutesy atmosphere against the bleak backdrop of 4700 South.  Fiiz also has a lounging area where a sit-down and catch-up time is possible, that’s a plus one. The average bubbly citizens seemingly enjoy a quick stop to the “mormon bar” after a workout or before conquering a pile of homework, but a typical, cozy-loving hipstercrite would not settle too comfortably with the pretty and young vibes. If you’re looking to ‘try it out’ and haven’t yet, a drive-thru experience is safe, the inside doesn’t do much to aggravate the fomo syndrome.