High school fame molds into tradegy


Allen Sickler, Reporter

Are you one of the kids who don’t play a sport or gets the most favorites on Twitter? You only really get recognition by people if you play a sport or are a popular kid but what about the kids who don’t care about popularity and don’t have a care in the world for sports? What things do they like doing in their spare time?

Everyone deserves recognition for what they do no matter what it be whether it be for being the all-star athlete or being the kid who can build a computer from scratch we all deserve to be praised for what we do. Kids tend to be more scared about sharing their skills with other people because of the fear of being judged by the “cool kids.” But once people meet someone that shares the same interest or skills, they click instantly and become good friends. The question is, how is that supposed to happen if people are too scared to show what they like to do because they are  scared of being judged in the first place?

When talking to people who “aren’t popular” they are truly the most down to earth people they are the ones everyone looks at as being “weird” but in reality they are just as normal as the “cool kids”.

Some students who are labelled as “popular” do things that these kids enjoy doing just as well, but when it comes to being in public they have to put on their popular suit and act differently rather than just showing your true colors and showing people what you enjoy.

Senior, Sebastian Leon, said, “I’ve never really been a cool kid. I came to Taylorsville my junior year and didn’t really talk to many people simply because i didn’t want to make a fool of myself. I always saw the cool kids walking around. You can just tell who they are because everyone looks at them like they’re gods and goddesses but I found some people around the school that enjoy doing things that I enjoy doing such as playing soccer. It being my senior year now, I’ve made plenty of friends because of breaking the fear of coming out of my shell and being more outgoing with people.”

Being popular is on some students minds 24/7 but for other kids it simply means nothing. They just go on with their high school lives and do what they need to do with fewer things to worry about such as friends wanting to always go out but sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and play some video games or even read a book.

Popularity is something that shouldn’t even exist. As long as someone is happy with themselves and loves who they are, they shouldn’t care whether they are liked by many people or liked by a single person.

Senior Keagan Stoltz said “I don’t care about whether I’m popular or not as long as I have my good friends that have stayed by my side through thick and thin and enjoy doing the things I do. I’m happy with life I couldn’t ask for anything else especially popularity. I’d like to think I’m a well-liked kid but popular? No that just isn’t me.”