Allegiant movie not living up to hype

Allegiant movie not living up to hype

Hannah Anderson, Reporter

Allegiant was a mediocre third part to the Divergent series movie franchise.  In this installment, Tris and her band of radicals are back at it again in their quest, filled with shabby action scenes and occasional romantic moments, to find what is outside the ominous wall that encloses them in their world.

     Fans of the book series are sure to be disappointed in this movie. The book Allegiant conveys so much emotion that the movie version failed to do.  Walking into the theater, the anticipation to be on the edge of my seat and have a range of emotions, was high.  As the final credits rolled, I was left sitting there in raw disappointment and confusion.

   The movie in itself was entertaining, but the poor character development mixed with the cheesy fight scenes made for a bad movie experience.  Obviously it’s impossible to put every detail from a book into a movie, but the characters were painfully underdeveloped which made it hard to watch the romantic scenes.

  Allegiant wasn’t completely horrible.  The actors have certainly improved their acting abilities as the franchise has gone on and pretty accurately look like the descriptions from the books.  Overall it was entertaining, but having high expectations and thinking the book will be accurately represented will only leave a person in disappointment.

 The movie opened on March 18 and made 30 million dollars its first weekend, making it the movie with the lowest grossing amount opening weekend in the Divergent series, with Divergent at 54.6 million and Insurgent at 52.2 million.  It precedes the final movie, Ascendent, which is said to complete the series set to come out in 2017.