Foodie Club: Sweeto Burrito

1732 W 5400 S Taylorsville, UT

Pearl Ashton, Editor-in-Chief

It’s a  “food worth fighting for”! Or is it… students have varying opinions on the new burrito place on 54th, next to Five Guys and Pizza Studio.

If not for the food, the decorations are a reason to visit. They were a unique touch that added a comfortable school spirit feel to the place. The tables are filled with pictures of students from Taylorsville High. The pictures are from recent years and years long forgotten. It is a nice add to the Lucha Libre wrestler theme.

A common comment from students is that the burritos were good. Great. Fantastic. The burritos are filled with tater tots, onion rings, french fries, fry sauce, and all the meats you can imagine. The Smokehouse Burrito has been a favorite they say, filled with smoked chicken, chunky bacon, onion rings, cheddar cheese and and their cilantro ranch.

Along with the many uncommon burrito varieties, they have salads, soda, nachos, fries, tater tots, onion rings, and desserts. They also have wraps, and a kids menu for the lil luchadores.

For the size of the burritos, they could consider lowering the price. It was mostly tortilla with small amounts of filling. The tortillas also fell apart pretty easily.

One of the things against them though is the lack of vegetarian options for those who swing that way. There is one veggie wrap, and the rest of the menu is geared for meat lovers.

Maybe they just don’t take slight personalization in your meal, because more than once they messed up on our orders. When asked to put something on the side, it was left in the burrito on multiple occasions. Also, with the chips and queso, there was little pieces of bacon on parts of it when there wasn’t supposed to be any. It can be hard for consumers to enjoy their meal if the restaurant doesn’t get the order right. The wait for a little plate of chips was a little too long for liking also, especially since it wasn’t very busy.

Even if it sounds like it isn’t for you, sometimes you eat burritos you don’t like, just for fun.