Rise of bezel-less smartphones set to change the way consumers buy smartphones

Canyen Manchego, Reporter

Fall is smartphone release season with Apple and Samsung competing for the biggest headlines.The introduction and popularity of the new bezel-less displays is sure to have an impact on new smartphone buying options. These new innovations may look like something straight from the future and are sure to be eye-catching.
Some of these new phones include the LG V30, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 and finally the Apple iPhone X.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was one of the first phones to introduce the bezel-less display and TIME magazine even went as far to say, “Impressive design, dazzling screen.”

This is old news though, that phone is already half a year old and let’s be honest, most consumers only care about what’s new in the technology world.

The new Samsung lineup is not the only phone people are looking forward to though.

Taylorsville Historian, Luis Garcia said he is most looking forward to the iPhone 8 edition because he is an Apple enthusiast, while others, like senior Ulises Amaton, are also looking forward to bigger, bezel-less displays and improved cameras along with the release of iOS.

Some of the features Garcia looks forward to the most are, “the faster processors and the new facial recognition systems and new cameras.”
“Dual cameras on the rear side of phones are great,” said Garcia. “I’m excited for that but I’m disappointed with the removal of the headphone jack I think eventually the front of the smartphones will have no buttons at all .”

Amaton however did not agree with all the new changes saying, “I liked the innovations but I do not like the fact that the phones keep getting more expensive.”

However not all students at the school are fans of apple releases. Garrett Harward had this to say about the new android phones he  was most excited for coming this season, “I am looking forward to the Google Pixel 2 for the new stock Android experience.” Harward said, “I am looking forward to Android 8.0 Oreo running with the Snapdragon 835 processor, as well as the new design.”

When it comes to what consumers are looking forward to the most it seems to all point in the direction of Apple so all eyes were on Tim Cook, CEO of Apple when he took the stage Tuesday, September 12th at the new Apple headquarters to unveil the next generation of iPhones and the biggest step forward for the iPhone line since its inception back in 2007. That’s not to say there have not been some great innovations along the way though we have had many great iPhones such as the iPhone 5s back in 2013 which introduced us to touch ID and the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus just a year later in 2014 which introduced us to the first apple screen size above 4 inches.

There have been slow innovations all leading up to the 10th anniversary iPhone X which is sure to put a dent in your wallet like no other smartphone has before, costing the consumer a hefty $1000. This is not to say that there are not some people in our school who are not android enthusiast, as for those people there is are some great options such as the Google Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and LG V30 just to name a few, as Android Authority put it, “We have already seen quite a few great smartphones announced this year including the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, LG G6, and the Huawei P10, but there are plenty more high-end devices coming this year which will go head to head with the current flagships on the market.”