The stalker book of T-Ville

Elaine Hernandez, Reporter

The planner of 2017-18 for Taylorsville has raised conflict. The planner contains information that is personal to students and family. The planner contains student’s full name, address, and phone number. If a planner is lost or left behind, any grown stranger can look up information on students. This raises concerns about the safety of students families and homes. “I have already seen planners outside the school on the ground. Anybody could pick those up off the ground” said Savannah Moseley sophomore.

Some are pro stalker book of Taylorsville. They believed this makes finding students after school easy. “Sometimes for after school programs, I could see how having the phone number is helpful. The phone number helps you find out if they are still coming to whatever they needed to do after school …” said junior Abigail Monrraga. For after school programs or group projects finding students can be easier with the planner.

All someone will have to do is get there hands on a planner and find students. “I guess the planner is good if you need to find out where a friend’s lives and their address, but then again someone who isn’t necessarily your ‘friend’ can find you too,” said Moseley sophomore.

Some students are against the idea of the stalker book. They believe this information should not be given to all students. “There is no need for everyone in the whole school to know where you stay. It none of their business what goes on at home. I go to school for school, not to see where everyone lives” said Chris Granados junior. Some believe this is a safety issue.

The student feels their privacy has been invented and let out for the whole school to see. “I just can’t believe a school that talks about safety on the internet don’t have “safety” in their own planner. Why would the school even thinks it’s okay to put personal stuff in a public area. I don’t want people to know where I live. I think it was a stupid choice done by the school. I just don’t see a purpose in it” said London Moseley junior.  Many parents of students also are having problems with their information being put in a book. “I have wanted to call the school and make a complaint. There is just nothing they can do now. Hundreds of student have the planner, what can they do know. I hope they don’t bring this stupid idea back next year” said concerned parent Armando Hernandez.