The class you’re probably missing out on

Adult Roles

The class youre probably missing out on

Pearl Ashton, Editor-In-Chief

There are a lot of diverse classes at Taylorsville High School. A lot of them have important lessons that students can take with them when they are free from high school. Some are required, but many aren’t and they are overlooked by most.

One of these classes is Adult Roles and Financial Literacy. Financial Literacy is a required class, but this isn’t. It is a concurrent enrolment class taught by Shauna Lines, and it goes a full year instead of only half. Students learn much more lessons and skills that are essential to being an adult then they would if they decided to simply take Financial Literacy. It’s a faster route, but is it the smarter one?

I know this is an important class for students to take because it teaches so many skills that you need in life. I wish I’d had the class while I was in high school because in a lot of ways I was unprepared for dealing with many challenges,” said Lines. “For example, I really could have used the communication skills, like conflict resolution, with my roommates in college.”

The lessons the students learn aren’t important just here and there, they are all important. Theres one meme that slowly circulates the web that says, “Things I never learned in High School: how to do taxes, what taxes are, how to vote, how to write a resume/cover letter, anything to do with banking, how to buy a car or house… but thank my lucky stars I can tell you all about the Pythagorean theorem.”

Well folks, here’s your lucky day. This class teaches all that and more!

It goes beyond just the financial information in Financial Lit. to really help you be prepared for life after high school,” said Lines. “I think really the communication styles and conflict resolution skills are really important because there’s not a relationship or job on the planet that you don’t have to communicate somehow. I also think there’s a lot of good dating and marriage information because healthy relationships don’t just happen, you have to make them that way. The consumerism skills are really important, too, like knowing how to budget and invest and do your taxes.”

It’s all about just being a better person. If you can’t adult and function properly in society, it will just screw up the system. Not only will the individual hurt themselves, they affect others too.

“I just think classes to help benefit mental health, relationship health, and general well being should be way more widespread because anxiety and stress is on the rise in our culture,” said Lines. “Education is mostly about being able to get a good job, but we can’t perform as well in our work life if our home life and our self isn’t taken care of, which again, has huge economic and health implications for our society.

“The better we teach the coming generations of students about relationships and how to manage life, the better off our whole society is. It has huge economic and health benefits.”