Game of Thrones Theories Theories based off the popular upcoming series “Game Of Thrones”


David Johnson,, Reporter

SPOILER ALERT! As people know, Game Of Thrones is a TV series, first airing in 2011 the series is based in a mythical medieval age, revolving around people trying to win the “Iron Throne” from various Kings and Queens to control the seven kingdoms, which causes anarchy and dominance.

Bran Stark, a boy that has gifted powers that can influence others in the series, may just be the one that built the wall, Bran, the Builder. Bran was able to see through past and future but also influence the past as well; his favorite tails are also those of Bran, the Builder. Although that wall was very useful now, wasn’t it?

Jaime, a little brother to the Queen Cersei, may just kill her, oh ruthless boy. Cersei has been leading King’s Landing in the wrong direction the same way the “Mad King” has. Which may lend her the disgust of her smaller brother, Jaime. A prophecy says that she will die by her little brother, and she wouldn’t have children when the time came. “Jaime hasn’t like’d the way that Cersei has been leading King’s Landing. However, the prophecy says that her little brother will kill her,” says Lilly. “Even though twins with Cersei, isn’t the only little brother Cersei has.”

Tyrion Lannister,  an influential character in the series, may be short and lustful for women in some ways, and booze-loving. This theory is poorly supported, but from noticing the words of episodes. Tyrion may be a Targaryen, this theory was made by many people, including Maria Knost and Victor Cuevas after Tywin had said, “You’re no son of mine.”

“Sam is telling the story of ‘Game of Thrones,” said John Bradley himself to a “Hollywood Reporter” Which is also supported by the script in Game of Thrones when Sam suggested titles for a book to Archmaester Ebrose.

White-Walkers win. The White-Walkers are creatures made by the Night King and made up of dead foes that failed to stop them. Everyone knows that in Game Of Thrones that not all heroes live. Most had died when we thought them to live. The White-Walkers have gathered many species and have undead that makes an army bigger than previous episodes of which the series heroes have gone against. Even then, the heroes may be able to defeat them with tactical choices and maybe even secrets to the more episodes that are later to show.

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