Call of Duty getting left behind in the dust?

Call of Duty really worth playing anymore?

Call of Duty getting left behind in the dust?

Xavier Ulibarri, Reporter

Call of Duty is a game which majority of gamers have played with many of the engines that make the game such as  Infinity Ward, and Treyarch have sold over 250 million copies of the game making 15 Billion $  on the game itself. Call of Duty has changed a lot throughout the years from the first Call of Duty to the one that recently came out, Call Of Duty infinite Warfare. This game is set in the future with robots, cloaking devices, and wall running which had players a bit of time to get used to. The game became popular finally selling copies in 2009 when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. The game ended up selling 24 million copies. The Call of Duty game with the most copies sold ever was Modern Warfare 3 made in 2011 selling 30 million copies of the game. It started going downhill with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2014 with only 22 copies and Infinite Warfare with a depressing 11.97 million copies.

A new Call Of Duty is coming out this year on November 3rd called Call of Duty WW2. This is the first game in a couple of years to be ground only and not anything futuristic. Battlefield One already did something similar with the world war game already out with amazing ratings with a 9.5 from IGN. But will people play the new Call of Duty when there is already a game similiar to it? They made a WW2 game when Call of Duty already made one back in 2007 with Call of Duty World at War? It was a very popular game back then that was based off of WW2.

The rating from IGN for Call of Duty Infinity Warfare is 6.5/10 which is one of their lowest rated Call of Duty Games. While Modern Warfare 2 which was made quite a while ago got a 9.5 rating from IGN. Some people thought from the IGN community thought the Campaign was not worth the 5 hours. Haley Silva who is a bit new to the Call of Duty franchise said “ I like the futuristic feel to the game because it’s something new” Jordan Hankins who is a Veteran Call of Duty player said “ Modern Warfare was the best Call of Duty Game in every way”

Alex Martinez who is a casual gamer who had played every Call of Duty game, quoted “ There’s no point in playing a Call of Duty game when the platform keeps changing”. This seems to be a majority of the problem of people not playing Call of Duty as much as they used to because of the altercations to the game they know and love to this new platform that makes Call of Duty an entirely new game. Even the new Call of Duty WW2 will not feel like the Classic because of the multiple changes. Some of these changes such as the extra jumping may not be suitable for a classic Call of Duty player.

So is the new Call of Duty WW2 worth getting? Is Call of Duty in general worth playing? It depends on the players and how they look at games. Do they care about the platform of the game or do they just play to play don’t care how the outcome of the game is? Even though this has many factors because of how big the Call of Duty franchise has expanded over the years  and there are many other first person shooter games that are based off of the future and the past and also modern.

Call of Duty WW2 will be bringing back some of it’s features that so many Call of Duty fans have requested for the past 5 years such as a classic feel to the game. And something that fans love so much about a few of the Call of Duty Games is that it gives out an education to the game. An IGN member quoted “ I miss the amazing educational feel to the game”. The new Call of Duty WW2 game first trailer had a sneak peak at one of the missions which is taken place in the event known as D-Day. People from all around the world will be playing this game early from the pre releases coming up in October and giving it reviews from live streams. This game truly dictates if Call of Duty is actually a game worth playing anymore.