Fans psych out over release over Psych:The Movie

Psych: the movie doesn’t suck

Calle Hansen, Arts and Entertainment Editor

The date of October 1st, 2016 is still a heartbreaking day for Psych-Os. It was the day that Psych was officially taken off Netflix making it almost impossible to watch. After months and months, they finally announced a saving grace for the fans: Psych: The Movie. Fans went wild with anticipation waiting for December 7th.

The trailer showed a lot of the humor Psych-O’s know and love. The movie brought in many loved characters from the tv show such as Shawn Spencer (James Rodey), Burton Guster (Dule’ Hill), Juliet O’Hara (Maggie Lawson), Henry Spencer (Corbin Bernson), and Karen Vick (Kirsten Nelson) among a few surprises later on.

Junior Chris Kerr said “The [character] I probably cheered the loudest for was Lassie. It was a short little clip but it was really fun to see that character.”

The reason the Lassidar (Timothy Omundson) was only in a short scene was for the fact that just a few weeks after the announcement of the movie he had a stroke and was hospitalized, causing writers to have to rewrite the entire show.

Though Lassie’s appearance was barely 45 seconds long, it was a very touching scene for many. It showed how much Lassie still cares about his old partner, even though they are miles apart.

The show is full of references from the show and other pop cultural items such as Pokémon Go, and Gremlins which is an older ‘Christmas’ movie, among many other things.

The movie had a great way of portraying multiple problems at a time, and the struggles of the character to solve all the problems.

The show was loved by fans. They got together the night of the seventh and watched it together.

Kerr said, “I liked how it was able to revisit everything that made psych the show it was. It brought on all the important character as and all the important elements that made it a really fun show.”

USA hosted the biggest pineapple toss with over 2,500 participants to help get Psych-os in the mood for the movie.

The movie was a big hit, although there were a few flaws. Kerr said, “I wish that there was more psychic detecting for the show they kind of skipped over that for the nostalgic elements.”

According to Bustle, the show’s creator, Steve Franks, has a six movie plan, so fans can anticipate more of our favorite ‘psychic’, although no release date has been announced.

Kerr, hopeful for the next movie says, ““I am hoping for more psychic detecting and hopefully a bigger part for Lassie.”