Modesty truly is the hottest wear

Piper Cawley and Lili Rivas

Finding the perfect dress for a school dance is a critical decision to make for a girl in high school. There is much debate on whether it is better to show more or less when it comes to high school dances.

Junior Portia Spencer said, “When I’m going dress shopping, I try on like hundreds of different dresses.” For Spencer, finding the perfect dress can take up to two hours. Spencer sees some differences between the time it takes for guys and girls to get ready.

“Men, what they wear to school dances is almost like what they wear to church. They always have a nice white button up tee. We have dresses, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that one of those dresses will fit into whatever category.” Choosing a dress can become very difficult, especially with the many new styles coming in and the trends that change each year.

Finding a dress that fits the year’s trends is actually quite easy. The trending styles in 2018 however, are short dresses, sleeveless, two-piece and rose/floral designs. Some, however, are more classy. Sometimes you might see a floor-length black dress, or a fun, pretty pastel pink sheer dress. Every girl shows up in something completely different, or similar to what their girlfriends are wearing. Having either a short or long dress can depend on what you’re wearing your hair like, or the shoes you just bought.

According to senior Wyatt Stensrud, guys have an easier time when it comes to choosing an outfit for a dance. “I just pick out the color of my tie and I’m done. We always have jackets, but we can also have vests. I guess there are lots of different options a guy can wear, but it’s still simpler than what girls have to go through.” When it comes to the coverage of clothing, girls have a larger variety whereas guys have a more traditional style.

Sophomore Abby Poole thinks more girls choose to wear more revealing styles and “part of it is to be rebellious because [girl’s] parents they say ‘no, you have to look nicer, you have to cover up’. [Modesty] should still apply because you are still in the same school with the same people, so I don’t know why that should change.”