Staff Ed: Bubbly entertainment in the shower


Rub-a-dub-dub, when relaxing in the tub, everyone has their own personal routine or set of jams to use in their precious seven minutes of warm, soapy heaven. And whether it’s admitted or not, most everyone has an intricate song and dance routine, set to the tunes that they would never dream of singing in public.

I always convince myself to shuffle play my songs, but by the second song I’m skimming through my Spotify playlist, trying to unlock my phone with my wet fingers and soap in my eyes,” says Bryan Banuelos, Spainsh Editor.

I am a huge fan of classic rock, especially from the sixties and seventies. You’ll usually find me singing songs off Rubber Soul (my favorite Beatles album),” said Chloë Robinson, reporter. “If I’m in an edgier mood, though, I’ll be singing Stevie Wonder at the top of my lungs like I’ve had my heart broken.”

Opinion Editor, Piper Cawley, says, “I don’t just sing in the shower though, I perform.”

Popular staff favorites include Broadway showtunes, most notably Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen and Les Miserables.

Arts and Entertainment Editor, Calle Hansen says, “When I sing a song, I don’t choose one character’s part to sing, I sing them all. It is the only way to do it.”

However, the music and party shower scene isn’t for all of us.

I am definitely one of those people who brings their iPad into the shower just so I can finish my episode of Law and Order:SVU,” says Payton Wright, Editor-in-Chief. “So sometimes I’ll be singing the Law and Order theme song (you know the one – the dun dun dun dun Dun DUN DUN *sick guitar solo*).”

Even if we don’t use our time to choreograph dances or belt out a slightly off-key tune, the shower is still a sacred place for meditation and self-discovery.

“I don’t really sing in the shower at all. I do sit down though, is that strange enough? Personally showers are my peaceful place and so I prefer it to be quiet,” says Aspen Earnhart, Feature Editor.

I love showers, because its a place where I can be alone, away from my parents away from the world. I would say it is my most vulnerable place,” says Dallen Cameron, Sports Editor.

It’s undeniable that the more we lather up, the crazier the shower can get. Introducing instruments, beautifully cramped choreography and several different vocal parts just exemplifies what a perfect shower is.

“Sometimes I like to pair my “amazing” singing with a rhythm section comprised of shampoo bottles and loofahs, but that’s only if I want to get really crazy,” says Isabella Ashton, News Editor.

I’m a fanatic shower singer, with a playlist made every time I hop into the shower to really capture my mood and vocal range of the time,” says Alexa Blaise Chandler, Photo and Art Editor.  “Recently, I’ve been creating choreographed dances to Franz Ferdinand, getting jiggy with it and falling on my face.”

Let’s never forget that the greatest part of getting all lathered up and blasting Regina Spektor or Childish Gambino is the actual shower itself and the ability it grants you to be a human after a rough day.

“But remember don’t listen to Loca from Shakira because you’ll end up slipping on a bar of soap earning a big purple bruise from getting too pumped from the beat,” says Sarah Al – Barkawi, Opinion Editor.