Snarknado : Why America sucks


Mayra Rodarte, Reporter

America is great. We have taco trucks and fatty food that can be delivered right to your doorstep. In a place where fried food is everywhere, Hamilton is an epidemic, and obesity is a fashion statement it isn’t hard to see why America is a major world power. Yes, America, where we have the freedom to speak, but no one listens unless you post on social media.  And finally Twitter, the president’s own personal forum to keep us ‘updated’ on national problems.

America brags about its one-of-a-kind free speech. But this freedom is being exercised to a whole new level. Who lets it’s citizens Nazi salute in 2018 and have cops to protect them? America, that’s who! It’s been saluting like Nazis since the rise of a new president last year. Not that anyone is pointing fingers. America has gone a tad bit nuts in the past few years.

Junior Sami Thompson said, “I think America was very racist and bigoted in the past. I don’t know if I think America “sucks”, though there is a lot of divide in the country. I think it could be a lot better.”

On a poll taken last year on, it showed America is still very racist; 49% hate towards blacks, and 57% against Hispanics

You could list many things that are wrong with America’s government including the health care, lack of taking action, not taking care of its people.

Past times in America include eating half a pound of fudge, a half of a cow at the Mcdonalds on every street corner, and of course, our flourishing crime count;  6,100 crimes in 2017 were hate crimes according to the Washington Post. America, though always pledging freedom and equality, has had hate crimes rising alarmingly since the 1960s, the Department Of Economics states.

America should learn from its neighbors Switzerland for example, seems way better. Switzerland has the best chocolate,  gives it’s workers the legal minimum of four paid vacations, it has really nice people and you can walk anywhere. In “Vox” Chantal Panozzo, in “Why Switzerland Ruined America For Me,’’ wrote, “And as someone who is mad that she must own a car for lack of efficient public transportation, she is still debating where she ultimately wants to call home.

Let’s talk ‘gun control’ because the government sure isn’t. In 1996, a man opened fire and killed 35 people in Australia. This horrified the Australian public, and guns have been under control and laws were put in place to protect the public against these sort of terrorist attacks, unlike America here (Yes the government can actually pass protective laws); but, hey you could still buy guns. A mass shooting hasn’t happened since in Australia since then. 

With the sucky government and the recent president, maybe America isn’t fit to be American anymore.

Sophomore, Jersson Gomes, said. “America is in a neverending petty Civil War. We resort to name calling when someone has a different opinion. We keep at each other’s throats, if we stopped and listened to each other, we could make America better. It’s not a bad place, it’s just chaotic when nobody listens to one another.” Eye rolling constantly and ignoring opinions since 1776.