Games of the Closed Nerd Society


Three 20 sided dice on a character sheet for D&D.

Rayven Cann, Reporter

A long time ago, in a world years before our time, games of different natures were being made. From the great minds of Richard Garfield, Gary Gygax, and Dave Arneson come time-altering games. In 1993 Magic the Gathering took the nation by storm, selling out set after set. 1974, Dungeons and Dragons booklets intrigued fans in the upcoming games and tournaments.

Magic the Gathering is the first trading card game to come out and offered a competition-like setting with different cards. In the present, commander and standard are popular formats to play Magic, and players can build their own decks to their standards. Dungeons and Dragons is a role-playing game involving different dice, multiple players, a fictional setting, and lots of imagination.

Years after these legendary games were released, ideas from Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, and Kazuki Takahashi bloomed. Inspired by differing variables came League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Yu-Gi-Oh. League of Legends and Hearthstone brought online gaming into play.

League of Legends contains many different modes where players go head-to-head with other teams in a tournament sort of way. Hearthstone is an online fast-paced strategy card game where you used cards to cast spells, summon creatures, and command heroes in a duel. Yu-Gi-Oh is a trading card game based off of the manga series.  

Now, if you have never heard of these games, don’t fret. If you have heard of them, congratulations, you have been selected to enjoy a life of endless friendship and fun.

Sophomore Alex Stricklan says, “The benefit of playing these games is that no matter who you are you can find fun in these games and while playing you can make many new friends.”

As a lot of the games are group involved, meeting new people is a high benefit. Although these games have constantly estimated millions of people playing the games, not everyone knows what they are.

Junior David Godoy says, “I would recommend [playing these games] because it’s a fun interactive game with many ways to play. It’s a game made for everyone.”

Not only do the games offer friendship, but a variety of skills. Junior Aurelia Jones says, “The games have helped me with problems and give me a chance to figure things out for myself.”

Problem solving, confidence, and the fast-paced thinking are just a few of the skills that come from the games.

Godoy says, “ These games help to wire your brain to think about different possibilities at once and helps you predict what your opponent might do.”

All of the mentioned games contain aspects of complexity, strategies, fast-thinking, and quick reactions. Jones says, “The best part about the game is the complexity of everything because it really makes you think.” Although the games can be used to relax and just have a good time, players like to be kept on their toes.

Game stores such as The Nerd Store, Gamehaven, and many many more are places to get involved with games. These game stores offer free starter decks, and there are numerous people willing to walk newcomers through how to play. They will usually play Fridays around 6:30 for newcomers at Game Haven in West Jordan.