Harry Potter:Hogwarts Mystery


Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game logo

Alexa Blaise Chandler, Photo and Art and News Editor

Much to the excitement of avid Harry Potter fans, the newest interactive mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was released April 25, 2018, allowing for players to create their own characters and live out their deepest Hogwarts wishes.

From learning how to fly a broomstick to creating potent potions and dueling with the nastiest of characters, Hogwarts Mystery has been prophesied to reawaken the child of the most devoted Harry Potter deviants.

Hogwarts Mystery plays through all seven years of your character’s Hogwarts career, beginning with customization and creation of your very own witch or wizard. The journey begins in Diagon Alley, after the disappearance of the Dark Lord, Voldemort, and a decade before Harry Potter arrives in the Wizarding World. Being new to the world, your character formulates a friendship with a first year witch or wizard, that will accompany the character throughout the remainder of the storyline.

Perhaps the most enchanting feature of the game is character interactions with teachers, students and beasts that have appeared in the original book series, like Nymphadora Tonks, Bill Weasley, Professor McGonagall, and the little puppy version of the lovable three-headed dog, Fluffy. Hogwarts Mystery gives the player a new look into the deep lore of Hogwarts before Harry’s arrival and gives you a chance to see Hogwarts before the fame of Harry Potter adulterated the castle.

However, these memorable accoutrements may not be able to save the entirety of the basic gameplay.

In learning new spells and creating exciting potions, the character relies on an depletive energy system that slows game progress to an almost exhausting halt. The game gives you specific objectives and time limitations that make completing lessons and fulfilling the storyline nigh impossible, unless there is 24/7 usage of the game.  

“Gaining house points seems to be nearly impossible, even when performing well. The game would be more fun if the map allowed you to roam, but I understand that certain areas are off limits based on the player’s year. I enjoy the storyline, but I dislike waiting for my energy bar to be refilled,” says Hillary Gonzalves-Teixeira.

In order to feel as if your witch or wizard is progressing within the world, the game is constantly prompting players to purchase gems, energy and coins, which all help players to continue their magical education.

Despite the setbacks caused by an increasingly more frustrating energy bar, the interactive gameplay and personal journey through Hogwarts, marks the importance of this game within the Harry Potter community. Fulfilling the childhood dreams of teenagers from around the school, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery gives students the opportunity to receive the letter from Hogwarts that never came.

“I feel like a real wizard. I love that you can trace the wizard movement. The interactive portions are great, and there are customizable wizards. Harry, I’m black!,” says Hillary Gonzalves-Teixeira.  “I downloaded the game because I have loved the Harry Potter series since I read the first book in elementary school and had always wished for a game where I could attend Hogwarts.”