Infinity War Review


Callé Hansen, Opinion Editor

After the Infinity War trailer came out a few months ago, fans have been anxiously waiting to see how the Avengers, banded with the Guardians of the Galaxy and other heroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), would defeat the powerful Thanos.

   The trailer gave teasers that fans went wild about, including Spider Man’s new higher tech suit, Steve Roger’s new beard, and Vision’s human-like body.

 Ever since the first Ironman movie came out in 2008, fans have clung to the marvel universe with every new movie. With almost 20 movies under their belts, the producers we eager to bring together their favorites for an epic battle.

   Infinity War officially opened on April 27th and broke records for in the box office. Friday earned 640 million dollars at the box office according to CNN Money.

   Junior Jake Christensen says that it was so popular because, “It was combining so many characters into one movie. It was never done before, having this many people in one movie. It is insane for everyone having all their characters in one movie. Everyone has some liking of some character in the movie that is why it is so popular.” he continues, “I have always liked marvel movies. It is all of my favorite characters fighting in one movie”

   It seems as if all of the MCU movies have all led up to this movie. It has easter eggs from lots of different movies. It is one sequel to over 15 different characters and their movies. You definitely have to watch the previous Marvel movies to understand what is happening.

If you haven’t already seen Infinity War (which is a sin), some movies that you will definitely need to have seen to have context is Thor Ragnarok, Guardians of the Galaxy, (one and two), Spiderman Homecoming, Avengers Civil War, Black Panther, Avengers Age of Ultron, and Doctor Strange. It would be helpful to have seen all of the Ironman movies and the Captain America movies to fully get the plot, and inside jokes. Just like any sequel, you need to watch the movies leading up to it.

   This huge crossover will be hard to build off of, but Christensen has faith that the universe will continue cinematically. “I have heard many things from the comics and other just people saying that they will redo characters in another fashion. Like if all the Avengers leave this movie then they can be someone else.”

There are fan theories, and comic book support that there are back up characters to take the place of some of the main superheros. Many comic books have the falcon taking over for Captain America, or the War Machine for Ironman, and many more. Whether Marvel will kill these characters and replace them is a mystery that fans will just have to endure.

   Marvel is really good at humanizing their villains by giving them a background that people can relate to.

   Christensen says, “Thanos wasn’t just a blatant bad guy. You connected with him some way.”

   The MCU concentrated quite a bit on Thanos’s motives to what he was trying to accomplish. It took a problem that the world is struggling with today and provides a crude solution that people don’t like for good reasons.

Many people have mixed emotions about the ending of the movie. Christensen says, “I really like the movie the ending was sad it was a very sad ending but it felt like it was leading up to another movie, so there is still hope for a happy ending.”

Infinity War left fans broken-hearted, and yearning for more. The next movie comes out on May 3rd, 2019, so keep an eye out and try not to lose faith before then.